Military Coup in Mali; Lithuania pulls out of China’s ’17+1′ bloc;

Military Coup in Mali
Mali, a country in the Sahel region of Africa, is facing a military coup. The military has detained President Bah Ndaw, Prime Minister Moctar Ouane and Defence Minister Souleymane Doucoure after two military officers lost their positions in the government reshuffle. International organizations including the UN, AU, EU, ECOWAS have criticised the takeover. Although the military has hold elections in 2022, the interim government under pressure from the military has appointed new cabinet ministers. The episode proves the appointment of a civilian PM by the military last September to be an eyewash. The move may create instability and complicate multiple problems in this militancy-hit nation.
Lithuania pulls out of China’s ’17+1′ bloc
Lithuania has pulled out of China’s ’17+1′ bloc in eastern Europe and urged other EU countries to follow suit. In 2012, China had promised the 17 nations of central and eastern Europe to boost imports from the region, which it has not realized to date. With it, the growing trade deficit in China's favour resulted in many of these 17 nations to ditch the recent summit with China. Chinese Communist Party only intends to use these nations for entry into the EU. Having recognised China's selfish designs, recently, Lithuania had blocked Chinese investment and announced that it would open a trade office in Taiwan. Lithuania has stood up to China.
China wants a port on Africa's Atlantic coast
The chief of US Africa Command Gen. Stephan Townsend has revealed China's eagerness for having a naval port on Africa's Atlantic coast. China intends to use it not only for the maintenance of its warship but also to rearm them. China has approached nations from right from Mauritania in northwest Africa up to Namibia in southern Africa for it. A Chinese naval base in Djibouti in northeast Africa is already creating concerns for not only the US but also the NATO, India other navies in the region. With modern weapons, a shorter distance from the Atlantic coast to the Americas poses a considerable security threat to the United States.