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Experience of Neeta Kenjalkar,

One who participates in Bapu’s Satsang for the first time probably has a very different frame of mind. Only that respective person would be able to articulate his/her own feelings well.  One who probably has not even seen Bapu in a picture, let alone in person, when visits the Upasana Center for the first time, being present there proves to be a unique experience. One witnesses a certain discipline that is exhibited there, the enthusiasm of volunteers and exchanging loving words full of concern proves to be a fulfilling experience in itself.  Then these series of experiences continue.

Sadguru Aniruddha - Experience of Neeta Kenjalkar

It was the year 2004-05. At that time, I was working in Pune.  We were quite hassled about the difficulties that had surrounded us in our life.  My husband had not settled well in his job.  He would work for 7-8 months and then he would be force to sit at home for 4-5 months.  It was a wheel of misfortune we were going through.  My husband’s confidence was deteriorating with every passing day.  He would sit and cry uncontrollably. At that time, my job would pay me just about three thousand rupees.  This was going on for years together.

My sister-in-law (she is like my sister) had just begun to follow Bapu. She would travel to Mumbai for Thursday’s discourse and would also participate in festivities that would go on all through the year.  On seeing us immensely restless, once she exclaimed that we ought to repose trust in a guru and be devoid of any tension. She urged me to have a guru.  I was unaware of what I needed to do in order to get a Guru for myself.  One day she told me to chant Bapu’s Upasana. Several days passed by since she gave me this suggestion but in vain.

Every Saturday, as I passed Modern School, I would see some or the other activity going on there. I was unsure about what those activities were.  My sister told me that people get together at Modern School to do Bapu’s Upasana In spite of her emphatic suggestion, I somehow never felt like going there.

Several days passed by. Our condition/circumstances had not even changed a bit.  One day I felt that all the avenues had closed on us. I also felt that since my sister-in-law was insisting on this, there was no harm in attending Upasana on a Saturday.

One Saturday, I resolved to go there and I actually did.  Preparations for Upasana were being made. Many enthused volunteers were fulfilling their respective duties diligently.  I then enquired about Bapu there.  One of the ladies informed me that I ought to listen to the Upasana first. She also informed me that if I liked the Upasana first then I could choose to purchase the booklet.  I was totally enamored by experiencing disciplined yet devotional environment at the venue.  I was more impressed by the fact that in spite of being totally new to the environment, no one was pushing me to purchase anything. No one was forcing me to donate money or for that matter, no one was forcing me to do anything.

I sat there for Upasana. There were three photos in front of me. I was unaware of who those three were. I was unaware of how they were related.  However, as soon as Upasana began, I am not sure what happened but my eyes began to water.  I do not know how but I was totally overwhelmed by the Upasana.  On reaching home, I informed my husband about my experience and insisted him to join me on the following Saturday.  He did not have a job then and was at home.  On my insistence, he came with me but he did not like the Upasana at all.  On reaching home, he said, ”I did not like it. Why would one want to get others to sing glories of self?  There is no way I would go for Upasana again. Should you wish to go, feel free to go there?”

Bapu persuaded us to get drawn towards him. The reason was divulged the next day through an experience.  The person who was much upset the previous day after Upasana, my husband, was talking exactly contrary the next day morning.  On waking up that morning, he narrated a dream he had seen the previous night.  He saw a man who was wearing a kafni, had slippers in his feet.  He walked up to him and put his hand on my husband’s head and said,”Please do not worry at all. I will take care of your worries of a lifetime.”

While we did not understand who the person was or for that matter what the meaning of the dream was, it was indeed a good omen. We got the proof of that on the third day.  My husband got a well-paying job on the very third day!

Most importantly, after that incident, he has not had any setback in his profession at all.  He changed his job only after he got another one that paid him much more than the previous one. Most importantly, he got this new high paying job the day after we put the “Tripurari Trivikram Chinha” on our main door.

By Bapu’s grace, my husband has two sources of income now. One through his employment and the other through his partnership in a business.  I changed my job as well and I earn almost five times what I earned earlier.  We had never envisioned such days of happiness ever in our lives. We are experiencing these only because of Bapu’s grace.  However, Bapu made the impossible, possible for us in our lives.  Now, I ask only one thing at Bapu’s lotus feet:

“Hechi Daan Dega Deva Tujha Visar na Vhava.”

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