My Mauli pulled me from the jaws of death

Experience of Dr. Rajeshree Shah

My life was over. My pulse rate had dipped to40-45 per minute and my breathing rate had dropped to 4-5 per minute. I had no hopes of survival. “Jayesh, I am going” 

This was my condition. But, my Bapu labored the entire night and I happily participated in the Dhanalaxmi Poojan celebrations held on Wednesday the 10th November. Prior to this during the Diwali vacations, I had gone out for a lot of shopping and hence eaten outside food more than usual. On that day I had slight abdominal pain. I ignored it thinking it was due to the food is eaten outside. Next day we celebrated Diwali and Laxmi poojan with great enthusiasm. My stomach-ache was becoming unbearable, so I took a pill and lay down in bed. Due to the pain, I remained awake through the night. By 5 a.m. it had worsened so much that I had to wake up Dr. Jayesh (my husband) and request him to administer an injection. In spite of being a Gynaecologist, I could not diagnose my abdominal pain. I was somehow waiting for dawn. It was Padwa on that day. From 8 a.m. Dr. Jayesh was trying to contact Param Poojya Suchit Dada but to no avail. The pain was excruciating. I was pleading to Dr. Jayesh to contact Suchit Dada and inform Him about my condition, as it is I had undergone two caesareans, one surgery to remove the appendix and the other when the stitches had got septic, i.e.four surgeries in all. I kept praying to Sadguru Bapu, “Please no more surgery.” I went to a nearby hospital for a sonography the result of which was normal. By then my abdomen had bloated like a nine-month pregnant lady and could not bear even the touch of clothing or a fabric at all.

Just that moment contact with our Suchit Dada was established who directed us to contact Dr. Mathure immediately. Dr. Mathure reached the hospital within half an hour. He examined me and said, “Extremely bad case. We might have to go in for surgery. Let us wait for today ” I prayed to Bapu, “Whatever you wish” Just then Dada called and said, “Tell Rajeshree that, Bapu has said not to take an intake from the mouth, not even water until I tell you to do so. There will be no need of any surgery” Under Dada’s guidance, Dr. Mathure started the treatment. Within two days the swelling reduced and the pain disappeared. Within the next 5 days, I had recovered completely. I underwent some tests, abdominal X-rays but the investigations yielded nothing. How could the tests show anything because my Bapu stood between the illness and me, all so that His child would not suffer. I was still put on saline and strong injections. On Tuesday the 17th November I was feeling really better, after six days I took water with udi in it. Since afternoon I was feeling much better so Dr. Jayesh went for the Bhaktisheel class in the evening and my mother-in-law was with me.

At about 6.45 p.m. I started feeling breathless. I never had asthma. Maybe it was the strong injections. So I asked the sister to give me an injection. This made no difference but aggravated my breathlessness. I was choking from within. I was sensing a total blackout. I was continuously rubbing my chest it was impossible to utter a word. My mother-in-law thought I am getting a heart attack. She immediately called Dr. Jayesh. By the time he reached the hospital my situation was worse. In the total darkness around me, I could only see a white shirt. I was clutching the sleeve of this shirt and incoherently saying either “Bapu” or “Jayesh I am going”. I don’t know what occurred after that. I was told that I had become unconscious. After a long time, I heard the words, “Raju we have to give you a blood transfusion.” I opened my eyes slightly. Once again there was this white shirt and I could not see Dr. Jayesh’s face. “Have you asked Dada?”, I asked. “Yes, everything is happening under Dada’s guidance” was the reply. I extended both my arms as if in surrender. After that, I heard Dr. Jayesh’s voice chanting the Aniruddha Chalisa and the Dattamala Mantra all the time. I felt that the ceiling above my bed was my Bapu’s pleasant face. Nanda Aai and Suchit Dada were pacing around my bed. After a long time, I opened my eyes. Jayesh was sitting next to me holding my hand. He was chanting the Dattamala mantra very loudly. I could see the love in his eyes and said, “What is the time? Please ask Dada and Aai to sit” Jayesh replied “It’s 5.30 a.m.and there is nobody here. We had to give you two bottles of blood. Suchit Dada was calling every two hours. Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu has not slept through the night. At 7.30 p.m. your heartbeats and breathing had nearly stopped.The normal heartbeats are 60 per minute whereas in your case it had come down 40-45 per minute. Your breathing rate was 5-6 times per minute like a person who is breathing his last. Dada said that it is only because of the Upasana that I am seeing you alive.”

The next day I was feeling hail and hearty. On 21st November Suchit Dada had come to see Sheela Potnis who was admitted to our hospital. I bowed to him crying inconsolably. He said, “What was this crazy girl saying that time? Nothing was going to happen to her” After my total recovery, I got an opportunity to go to Happy Home after a week. I was very happy. Bapu said “My child was playing Kabaddi. She has just touched the line and come back” He came towards me, the chain he held in the right hand changing hands and placing his right palm on my head pressed sharply and said, “Nothing will ever happen to my child.” Tears were streaming uncontrolled from my eyes. Truly my Bapu was standing between me and the jaws of death.