North Korea is facing one of the worst food crisis; 'Nervous' China and 32 years of Tiananmen Massacre

North Korea is facing one of the worst food crisis


North Korea is facing one of the worst food crisis that could cause millions of deaths. At the same time, the high recession is adding to peoples troubles. Commoners are selling off even household items just to buy food.

A report by a South Korean think tank estimates that North Korea produced only under 4 million tonnes of grains last year. It needs 5.2 million tonnes of grains annually to sustain its population of nearly 26 million. Another report by the United Nations estimates 60% of the population suffers from hunger.

Moreover, with heavy dependence on food imports and even everyday items on China and Russia, analysts have blamed pandemic preventive border closure for the current crisis. Again this year, North Korea’s main agricultural regions were hit by a series of powerful typhoons and floods destroying crops.

Amid this, South Korea has offered food and other aid, but the North has not even replied. The crisis is so severe that several foreign embassies have withdrawn, and many diplomats have gone back, fearing chronic famine.

Last year also North Korea had endured a similar situation. Then, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had bizarrely ordered people to give up their pet dogs to provide for food.

Overall, spending on nuclear missiles and arms on China's orders has come to haunt North Korea.

'Nervous' China and 32 years of Tiananmen Massacre


June 4 marked 32 years from the horrific incident of the Tiananmen Massacre when the Chinese Communist Party killed thousands of unarmed students protesting peacefully using armed troops, even tanks. However, after so many years, China still continues to block social media from covering anything related to its wicked act.

This year as well the Chinese Communist Party arrested hundreds of peaceful mourners who had gathered to remember their loved ones killed or who went missing in the CCP crackdown.

CCP is so nervous about this dark past that China warned Western nations against “playing with fire” a day after several diplomatic missions in Hong Kong unprecedentedly lit candles at windows to mark the June 4 anniversary of the Tiananmen carnage. China even forced a western browser to remove images related to the incident.

In Hong Kong, where China has recently murdered democracy, very heavy police presence was deployed, and pro-democracy activists were taken into custody.

With all this, CCP's extreme irritability concerning the possible disclosures of its inhumane acts in Tiananmen Square is clearly evident. Moreover, it shows how afraid the CCP is about the possible revolt in the country under the one-party rule if the truth comes out.