Mahishasur Martyrdom Day


Hon.’ Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi went on a visit to the United States during November 2014. The visit was during the Navaratri festival that was being celebrated in India and hence PM Modi was on a fast. Hence, special arrangements were made for him keeping this in mind during the US Presidential banquet. This was reported by the media time and again. But, coinciding with this was ‘Mahishasur Martyrdom Day’ i.e. being celebrated in ‘JNU’. The pamphlet of this programme claims Mahishasur to be a very brave king and that he represented the backward classes. The same pamphlet depicts Mother Durga in a very disgraceful language. It mentions that Durga Mata, representing the Aryas had killed Mahishasur by deceit and that the Navratri Utsav was a racist and controversial event.

Many evidences found in this relation are concretely prove the holding of the event even though many have claimed that no such event was organized in the JNU. Infact, JNU’s registrar himself has revealed the information. Not only this, but in the year 2014, Lord Ram and other Gods and Goddesses in whom the Indians have firm belief, too, were humiliated in JNU, says the internal security report of the JNU. This report throws light on various disturbing things that have happened in JNU which went unnoticed. There was a mass outcry against the event for Mahishasur’s glorification being held in JNU when its news was made public.