Leftism faces increasing opposition in UK and France

American out-of-control woke leftism, cancel culture is threat to France – French intellectuals, leaders incl Macron

Paris/Washington: – The uncontrolled hypocritical leftist ideology is being imported into France from the United States. French President Emmanuel Macron warned that this is a major threat for the country. Repercussions are already being felt in France. Marine Le Pen, the political opponent of President Macron, also has supported this stand.

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British PM Boris Johnson orders inquiries against British groups with extreme leftist ideology

London: – Inquiries have been ordered by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson against the aggressive and extreme leftist groups in the United Kingdom, intruding into the agitations on the issues like ethnic hatred and weather change. 

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Will not support Black Lives Matter protests: UK Home Secretary Priti Patel

London: British Home Minister Priti Patel warned that the agitation in the United Kingdom, in support of the Black Lives Matter protests, was a horrible incident that can never be supported. During an interview with a British radio channel, Home Minister Patel indicated opposition even to the symbolic things connected to the Black Lives Matter agitation and said that there are other ways of expressing one’s opinion.

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