Kolhapur Medical & Healthcare Camp 2015

Kolhapur Medical & Healthcare Camp 2015

The annual Medical and Healthcare Camp was organized between 31st January 2015 to 2nd February 2015 by Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation and its sister organizations. Thousands of poor and needy villagers residing in the remote areas of the Kolhapur district are benefitted by this camp. Shraddhavan Karyakarta sevaks from various parts of India and abroad had participated in the camp in large numbers. What they witnessed was something they could have never imagined or experienced.


Not far from the rich and modern city of Kolhapur, there are number of villagers who are starved for even basic amenities of life. Here people find it very hard even to make up for couple of meals per day. Other basic amenities like clothing, shelter, electricity, education, etc are rather a far cry. Twelve years ago when Dilasa Medical Trust & Rehabilitation Centre and their sister organizations had conducted its first medical camp in this area, the overall situation was worst. Girls and women were suffering from ailments like matted hair formation which may ultimately lead them to work as 'Devdasi'. Children had to travel 5-6 kilometers om barefoot to attend primary schools, and on top of that the basic hygiene were not to be seen anywhere in the villages. As a result the villagers constantly plagued with various diseases.

But since Dilasa Medical Trust and Rehabilitation Center and their sister organizations have started conducting yearly medical and healthcare camp and allied service in this region, the health condition of these villagers has normalized considerably. Villagers have now become keen on sending their children regularly to schools. They effectively utilize the health and hygiene material distributed by our organizations that allowed them to overcome relentless and at times life-threatening diseases and ailments. This can be gauged by a fact that this year two students who were regular beneficiaries of these yearly camps from Pendakhale region have secured admission for BHMS (Homeopathy) studies. It is indeed a fact to be proud about that from a place where even primary education is difficult, the students have started going to school regularly, they have started taking their studies seriously and these two boys amongst them are now on their way to become doctors.

Like every year, this year too, Parampoojya Nandai and Param Poojya Suchitdada themselves have participated in the Camp. To experience the warmth of love of Parampoojya Nandai and Suchitdada was indeed a moment to remember for life for all these villagers.

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Every year these camps are conducted in a very unique way over a period of two days. On the first day of the Camp, our karyakarta sevaks visit the remotest places in the region in a radius of about 35-40 kilometers from the Pendakhale village in the Kolhapur district. Here they distribute the health and hygiene materials to the villagers. Initially our volunteers used to explain the villagers about the procedures of using these materials and their importance in our day to day life. But now the villagers know for themselves the use of these hygiene materials. The villagers are given set of clothes, Godhadis (hand made quilts), and items for personal hygiene while children are also and additionally given toys to play with. Bags are carefully and literally custom-packed for each and every villager according to their family requirements. This packing is the outcome of numerous meticulous surveys which are conducted throughout the year in these villages by our volunteers by visiting each and every needy home. The expressions of gratitude and sheer joy are clearly visible on the faces of these villagers on receiving all these items with love from the volunteers. Every volunteer participating in the Camp is left feeling extremely contented and satisfied. At the end of the day the whole Campsite comes to life with the love-filled and heart-touching bhajans and gajars composed and performed by the villagers irrespective of their age or education. Through these gajars the villagers made a soft and emotional request to Parampujya Nandai to bring Parampujya Bapu along with her for the next year’s camp. Such heart-touching emotions indeed.

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On the second day, students from various schools and people from the nearby villages participate in large numbers in the Medical Camp. All students are given caps on arrival at the campsite. The campsite is prepared with utmost care to handle General OPD, Dental, X-Ray, ECG, Gynaecology, Paediatric, Ophthalmic and Cardiac patients in hygienic and clean environment. Every villager and student is first checked in General OPD for any ailments and then if required is sent to specialized departments for further diagnosis and treatment. All the school children are then taken to the distribution centre to receive footwear (chappals), gear for outdoor games, candles and matchboxes required for their study at night time and two sets of school uniforms. The children get overjoyed on receiving these items. Lastly every villager attending the camp is served with a sumptuous and a tasty meal which they seldom get to relish.

I am further extremely glad to mention the statistics which were announced by Bapu during his discourse of Thursday, 12th February 2015. Please refer the following video for details:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7M5WJS70WCw

It is indeed the vision of Parampoojya Bapu that has provided these poor and needy villagers multiple new rays of hope and the touch of healing which is blossoming just every day and every year! I sincerely wish at the lotus feet of Bapu and Mothi Aai that this hope and the betterment of the thousands of lives should only keep growing in years to come.

For more details kindly visit : https://aniruddhabapu-kolhapur-medicalcamp.blogspot.in/

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