Knocking down the walls of fate

Sunita Nirmal


Since 2002, I have been regularly attending Bapu’s Upasana at the Ghatkopar center. I have also been attending Bapu’s discourses every Thursday at Shree Harigurugram (New English School).

My eldest son, Rajesh, got married in 1998. But had no issue for 10 years. We approached various doctors but in vain. My daughter-in-law, Ankita, suggested that my son marry another girl.

I was aghast at this idea. I told her that whatever be the case, she should not worry. My Bapu is compassionate and He will surely rush to our aid. But, under no circumstances, would my son marry a second time.

Once in January 2008, I was standing in a queue to seek Bapu’s blessings on a Saturday. Rajni Shripati Patil was managing the queue. She asked me if everything were alright as I looked worried.

I narrated my problems to her in brief. She heard me patiently and said that she would take me to Suchit Dada’s clinic.

As decided, we went to the clinic. Suchit Dada examined Ankita’s reports. He then asked both, Rajesh and Ankita, to come once again for a checkup. Both of them visited Dada as scheduled. Then, Dada asked them to visit Dr. Hitesh Parikh for further treatment.  In a few months, my daughter-in-law was expecting! Our happiness knew no bounds.

On Thursday, 28th December 2008, Rajesh and Ankita were blessed with a beautiful son. I had always wanted to celebrate a Diwali with my grandson. Bapu helped fulfill this wish.

O Bapuraya, we are grateful for all the love you have showered on my family.

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