Jovari hya dehi shwaas, nija karyaas sadhuni ghyaa !

- Sushamveera Sarnaik, Marol  

While he delivers his discourses, Parampujya Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu asks us to follow certain things.  Each of his endeavours for his devotees is for the present and for forming a secure cover for the future. He, who understands this, follows his teachings and tends to be happy. Then an ailment, even if it has erupted all of a sudden, tends to wane away in no time without anyone’s knowledge.     

I bow at the lotus feet of Sadguru Bapu and wish to tell him that even if I were to become physically incapacitated, I would have no qualms about it. But, let the incapacitation of my mind wither away and do keep my mind balanced and healthy.     

I had gone to Suchit Dada’s clinic on 4th December 2010 to show him some reports. The reports were of a boy from the ‘Bapu Parivar. The boy’s mother was with me that day. On reaching Happy Home, I stood outside and offered my obeisance in front of Dattaguru and Mahisasurmardini Aai, so as to avoid any delay to reach the clinic. When I looked inside, I saw Nandai praying in front of Mahisasurmardini. Even though I could not see her face, I did not feel like moving away from there. I lingered there. When I looked into my watch, it was nearly 2 pm, and so I stepped forward two steps. 

Someone said , “Wait for a minute. Aai is going to pass by.” Therefore, I stood close to the idol of Dattaguru near the elevator. Aai came by just then. She gave prasad to a small child there and proceeded towards the elevator. For a moment, I thought that Aai had not seen me. We were just 2-3 of us who were standing there. When she went close to the elevator, she asked, “Sushma, are you not feeling well?” I went closer to her and replied, “I feel quite thirsty frequently.” “Did you get your blood tests done?  Why don’t you go to the clinic and meet Suchit Dada?” she suggested.     

Had Aai not spoken to me, I would not have asked Dada anything related to my health. I felt that the lady I had come with was more in need of Dada's advice than me. Also, I felt pretty fresh and fit, but still, I requested Dada to examine my health. Dada checked my pulse and asked me to get some tests and sonography done. Dr Leenam Padelkar asked me to get the tests done as quickly as possible. I followed their instructions and took the test reports to Dada the next day. I was told that my fasting blood sugar level (taken on an empty stomach) was 363, and post-lunch, it was 415. Besides that, my cholesterol level and other associated parameters were on the higher side as well. The sonography report revealed that my bladder was slightly swollen as well. Therefore, I was diagnosed with diabetes.    

Dada asked me to consult Dr. Soumeel Mehtalia. I then went down to Gurukshretram and chanted Gurukshetram Mantra 108 times. After that, I went to Dr Mehtalia’s clinic.  He saw my reports and asked me, “Has anyone come along with you?” I told him that my son was sitting outside. He called him in and asked me, “Are you serious about the reports? A bodily organ can become dysfunctional due to high Blood Pressure, sugar and cholesterol. Besides that, there are chances of getting a heart attack. Are you feeling weak? Do you feel giddy? Do your legs hurt?” However, I was not experiencing any of those things. In fact, I was pretty fresh, and he sensed that too. The doctor exclaimed that “Somehow, despite all this, you are looking quite fresh.”  

 As directed, they proctored three insulin shots in a day and gave me some other medication. Even after four days, the sugar levels did not come down at all. On Thursday, I got a call with a message from Nandai that she had asked me to chant Shubhankara and Ashubhanashini Stotra 11 times each. ‘I would remain fresh forever and Nandaai wanted me in her endeavours’ was Nandaai’s message to me. On hearing this, I immediately chanted Shubhankara and Ashubhanashini Stotra 11 times. And to everyone’s surprise, my sugar levels came down and normalised. They have been normal for the past 45 days. My fasting blood sugar level is between 85 and 90, and post-lunch is usually between 90 and 110. After two days, I informed Nandai about my sugar levels. She told me that for one month and, if possible, life long, I should chant the two stotras 11 times every day.  Bapu says that Spirituality is beyond Science, this experience indeed shows this. It is purely Bapu's grace that I got this message and my sugar level reduced immediately after.    

Whenever I went to Dr Mehtalia, he would tell me that I looked quite fresh and responded exceptionally well to the treatment. Within eight days, the insulin injections were stopped, and the doctor recommended that I take only half a tablet in a day.     

When I looked at my report closely, I noticed that my hemoglobin level was 15. Before this time, I had not managed to donate blood because my hemoglobin would never cross 9 or 9.3. However, before I was diagnosed with diabetes, on 6th May 2010, when Bapu recommended everyone to modify their food intake and habits, I followed his advice. From then on my hemoglobin increased to 15! The doctor said that this level of hemoglobin is a rare occurrence even in men. He went on to say that as a result of the high hemoglobin, I looked fresh.  

 That is when I realised that one’s Sadguru takes care of his devotee before a calamity hits him. After the 6th May 2010 discourse, I made modifications to my diet. I began to gargle with salt water to start with, to consume one ltr of water in the morning. I also started to consume Shatakshi prasadam (a tiny consumable ball made of ginger powder, garlic, turmeric powder and honey). I began to take walks in sunlight, to consume fruits, leafy vegetables, and Mackerel / Sardines fishes. It ensured my hemoglobin level reached 15. I did not suffer any adverse effects.    

Nowadays, one in every five people has diabetes in India. This ailment has become very common. ‘Why did Bapu take so much care of me?’ I wondered. I am narrating my experiences to let everyone know that our father looks over each of us.       

In my earlier office, one of our staff members knew the art of face reading. I was not aware of it in the beginning. On 15th June 1997, he saw my face and told me (at that time, I was not following Bapu), “In a short while, you would be faced with a great difficulty.” I remember I had laughed it off then. However, at that time, I used to believe in face reading, astrology and palm reading. Four days after that prediction, my younger sister and her husband died when their boat capsized. Because of that incident, my faith in this person’s predictions doubled.     

After a month, when I resumed my job, I was reminded of his prediction. I asked him if all my difficulties were over. He looked at my face and said that there was one disaster that was yet to strike me. He also mentioned to me that it was not going to hit me physically. On 22nd August 1997, just as he had predicted, my father got three heart attacks one after the other and died soon after. We did not even get a chance to provide him with any medical care. After that, I asked him if everything was over. He said that my face was cleared then. He said that there was no reason to fear anything now.  

Out of curiosity, I asked him how long I was going to live. He promptly replied, “you would not even live to be 50 years. You would pass away before you complete 49 years.” I felt terrible as my son was relatively young then.       

I completed 48 years on 23rd December 2010, and my ailment was diagnosed in the same year. It was probably a turning point in my life.     

I started following Bapu in March 1998.. I felt that my life began to change due to his discourses. I can enumerate several such changes and transformations. I feel that whatever life I have must go in accordance with my Sadguru’s wish. At the last moment, let me see Bapu in front of my eyes. That is the only thing I ask before the lotus feet of Bapu.     

At this point, I am reminded of a sentence by Kaka Dikshit as conveyed to Saibaba, “I am okay to bear the incapability of the body but let me never suffer from the incapability of the mind.”     

Me To Keval Payancha Daas | Naka Karu Majala Udaas |  

Jovari Hya Dehi Shwaas | Nijakaryas  Sadhuni Ghya ||     

(I am here only to serve at your feet, please do not dishearten me |

Until I breathe my last, make me your instrument (get your work done through me) ||)