It was You Bapu!

Suvarnaveera Dudhe

“I need no doorways to be allowed in” were Saibaba's words and they hold good for the principle that is the Sadguru. The loving bhaktas of the Sadguru experience this very often. The shraddhavaan may be beyond the seven seas but when he is in trouble his Lord rushes to save them from the difficulty. The shraddhavaan trusts and experiences that his Lord comes in any form. Nothing can stop ‘Aniruddha’. His grace to is 'Aniruddha'. Nothing, just nothing can stand in His way.

I too have experienced how the Lord rushes to help his bhaktas.

It was 8th January 2010. My mother, my little nephew and I were going to ‘Netale’ village to help my father in his coconut business and also to attend the fair there. Throughout the day we helped my father in selling coconuts and at about 4 p.m. we went to the temple for darshan. We had tried to leave early so that we could reach Kopergaon by 7 p.m. The temple was crowded so we were held up and got late. 

From Netale we came to ‘Vinchur’ village. To go to Kopergaon we could not get any conveyance. By 7 pm it was dark and the road was deserted. My mother and I were a little scared and were constantly calling out to Bapu and praying that he be with us.

Just then a white Indica pulled up right before us. A young person standing nearby came running to the car and asked if he could get a ride. To this, the driver replied, “You are young. You can wait. It doesn’t matter even if you are late. I will first take these two ladies and the small boy.” Hearing this we took Bapu’s name and quickly sat in the car.

We might have driven about 2-3 km when this gentleman said to my mother, “Recently you were operated and you are taking Ayurvedic medicine, continue taking it and gradually you will feel better. Do not stop the medicine.” We were dumbstruck! Totally astonished! We gaped while looking at him wondering how in the world this man knew this. I asked him, "How do you know everything about us?” “You will soon know who I am and the dung cakes and the 'go-mutra' you are taking with your medicine is correct. Strain the cow dung 8 times before you take it. By the grace of the Gomata and the Lord you are going to be safe and healthy for at least the next 10-15 years.” He then went on to tell us a lot of things about our family.

On hearing all this we started doubting his intentions, wondering if he had a trick up his sleeve. How did he know everything about our family? While I was closely observing him I realized that he had worn black trousers and a white shirt. He had a white moustache and a ‘tila’ (vermillion on the forehead). Throughout the conversation, he repeatedly told me that my mother would be fine.

It was 9 o’clock by the time we reached Kopergaon. Since it was late he said that he would drop us home. Before we could answer him he turned the car in the direction of our house even without asking for our address. On reaching home my mother asked him for the fare. He replied, “I will not take any money. I don’t want any money.”  My mother insisted and so he took 2 one rupee coins from us.

He turned to leave but returned and asked for some water. I went in to fetch water and by the time I came back, he was gone. I looked for him everywhere but neither found him nor his car.

Throughout the conversation, in the car, we were so engrossed in talking that we never thought about asking for any details about him.

Later on, while reflecting on this incident it suddenly struck us that it was none other than our Sadguru. There was no doubt about it. It was Bapu and Bapu alone. It was I who did not recognize him.

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