It was not His picture but Him!  

- Anjali Sarpotdar, Dahisar 

It was not His picture but Him!

Once a devotee’s feet turn towards the Sadguru, one automatically begins to experience His presence. Then even if he/she has not physically seen the Sadguru, only a simple dialogue with His picture can help a devotee sail through troubled waters. And later on, one does not have to ask for the proof of His interventions. One continues to experience them as also His unconditional compassion.    

I offer my respect and salutation to Sadguru Bapu, as I begin the narration of this particular incident of my life.  

By sheer coincidence (so I thought), I entered Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Upasana Kendra at Dahisar for the first time in December 2002. I did not know anything about Bapu then. As I was passing by the Upasana Centre along with my friend one Saturday, both of us felt the urge to attend the upasana. However, since we had left our children at home by themselves, we could not stay there for too long. Nevertheless, it felt nice to experience the divine atmosphere at the centre and witness the work of the disciplined volunteers. A large picture of Bapu was placed at the Upasana Centre, and everyone was sitting before it engrossed in the Upasana.  

All through our Upasana, I kept on staring at Bapu’s picture and spoke to him. I told him that I did not know him and that it was my first time at the upasana centre. However, I said that if I was doing something right and walking on the right path, then he needed to give me an experience that would show me that he listens to my thoughts. We then bowed in front of his picture and went home. It was my first baby step towards him on the path shown by my Sadguru. Needless to say, it was the right step, and I soon got the proof that I wanted.    

At the time, I was on a lookout for a new residential place for myself, but we were required to sell our house. We could not find a buyer for a long time and were unsuccessful in selling that apartment. However, the day I took Bapu’s darshan and returned home, in less than 12 hours, a Bapu devotee came by inquiring about the house. We discussed all the details with him, and within the next two days, the person decided to buy the house. A mere glance at Bapu’s picture had alleviated all the obstacles that we had faced while attempting to sell the apartment. After that, Bapu saved us from many difficult situations.  

I was under quite a lot of duress around this time. I was worried about my mother’s ailment and my son’s thread ceremony. Of course, the thought of selling one apartment and buying another only added to the tensions. Bapu had helped me sail through all of them smoothly. Only my loving Bapu had made all of this possible! When I sat back and thought about it all at a much deeper level, I realized that Bapu had not only helped me get through the tough times but also loved me just like a father. He has befriended me for life. When one thinks about life, one has to think about the adversities. Life is not devoid of challenges. However, I had realized that Bapu saved me from all the obstacles even before I realized they were coming my way.  

I am proud of my Sadguru Bapu to whom I owe every single breath, who cares about my well being even more than I do, who has nothing but my interest at heart. I wish to stay indebted to him all through my life. And for that matter, even though my subsequent births. “Let his caring glance be with me all through” is my only humble submission at his lotus feet.  

I burn the incense of my breath,  

There spreads the fragrance of purity, of sanctity,  

With Your gentle Feet O Lord,   

Come! Step into my heart, Step into my life.