The on-going series on Israel in the Dainik Pratyaksha

The on-going series on Israel in the Dainik Pratyaksha

You are aware that for the last one year we have been publishing the series titled - "Israel: A journey - prolonged yet successful!" in the Dainik Pratyaksha. The foreword to the series was written by none other than Dr Aniruddha D. Joshi - our beloved Bapu.

The series began with the story of Abraham, the patriarch of the Jews and the vision of the Holy Land that God is believed to have given him. The series has now journeyed all the way to the period of the origin of 'Zionism' which eventually led to the creation of the state of Israel.

In the light of the current geopolitical circumstances, the forthcoming articles are going to prove of vital importance, and I am sure you are keen to read them. In order to reiterate the significance of these articles, I quote a paragraph from Bapu's foreword to the series - The coming times have in store, a huge outburst of war, of dissension along with that of man-made disasters and the world, could find itself gradually engulfed in its flames. However, should India and Israel stand together, joining hands firmly united, the competence to confront all these impending dangers, could be generated. Again, should Japan, the USA and Russia extend their hands to join in, in this handshake, the devastation resulting from all the above calamities, could be averted to a considerable extent.

The Dainik Pratyaksha publishes the Marathi version of these articles every Saturday while the website, Newscast Pratyaksha ( publishes its English and Hindi version.