The Israel-Palestine conflict - once again its Jerusalem!

US merges its consulate in Palestine with its embassy in Israel; Palestinian leaders heavily criticize

Israel-Palestine conflictWashington/Ramallah: The United States has declared to move its consulate to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. This announcement has received a ferocious response from Palestine. The decision of the United States is nothing but a ploy for Israel’s expansion, alleges senior Palestinian leader, Saeb Erekat.

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who had returned from the Middle East tour, made a significant announcement regarding the US consulate located in Palestine.“The United States will merge its consulate general, in the West Jerusalem, with its new embassy in Israel into a single diplomatic mission in Jerusalem,” said Secretary Pompeo. He further clarified that the move does not signal a change of U.S. policy on Jerusalem, the West Bank or the Gaza Strip. However, the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations will improve as it will be centralized, claimed Pompeo.

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Officials of US and Israeli defence forces reach Ukraine to acquire skills to counter the S-300 system

Israel-Palestine conflictTel Aviv: Russia has issued a stern warning that attacks on Syria will not be tolerated henceforth. Russia has provided the S-300 air defence system to Syria to stop the Israeli attacks. But even after this warning, Israel has asserted that the attacks on Syria will continue. Therefore, the officials of the United States and the Israeli military have reached Ukraine to acquire the skills to bypass the security of the S-300 and to carry out the attacks on Syria. The Israeli media have disclosed this information.

The Syrian system had accidentally shot down a Russian aircraft while targeting the Israeli fighter jets attacking Syria. Instead of Syria, Russia held Israel responsible for this incident which occurred in the last month. Following this, Russia supplied the S-300 air defence system to Syria which has already been deployed. Syria had threatened that Israel should think twice before attacking Syria as it now has the S-300 air defence system. The Russian leaders had made suggestive statements that Russia had delivered the right message by deploying the S-300 system in Syria.

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UN increases rights of Palestine; US and Israel strongly criticise

Israel-Palestine conflictNew York: The United Nations, who has taken a number of major decisions regarding Palestine in the past few weeks, has announced additional rights to Palestine. This decision that was passed by a majority in the meeting of the United Nations, awards Palestine with the status of a full member in the next year. The United States and Israel have heavily criticised the United Nations’ decision. Saying that ‘Palestine is not even an independent country and not a member of the United Nations,’ the US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley lashed out at the United Nations’ decision.

The G77 meeting will be held in 2019. Two days ago, a vote of 193 countries was taken to decide about who would preside the conference. 146 member countries accepted Palestine as the President for the G77 conference.

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Israel pounds Gaza Strip with air strikes after Hamas rocket attacks

Israel-Palestine conflictJerusalem: Six civilians were injured and few houses were damaged in the rocket attacks launched by the Hamas from the Gaza Strip on the Beersheba town near the border in Israel. In retaliation, Israel carried out air raids at 20 locations in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military informed that these included Hamas locations as well as their bunkers. Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman, only a few hours ago, had suggested that the Israeli military should be prepared for a conflict in the Gaza Strip.

The rocket attacks on Israel started early in the morning on Wednesday. Along with the border town of Beersheba, Gush Dan a city near Tel Aviv, which is the financial capital Israel was also attacked. The Israeli agencies have claimed that the rocket attacks caused extensive damage in these cities. This is the first instance of Israeli citizens getting injured in such large numbers in a rocket attack which lasted for one hour, from the Gaza Strip.

No organisation has accepted the responsibility of these attacks. But claiming that the Hamas is equipped with rockets capable of targeting Tel Aviv, the Israel Military has held Hamas responsible.

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The entire Middle East should look like Israel, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Israel-Palestine conflictWashington: ‘The entire Middle East should look like Israel and all the middle eastern countries should progress like Israel,’ was the expectation expressed by Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. The entire Middle East should have democracy and prosperity, said Pompeo. While praising Israel, the Secretary of State referred to Iran as the main villain in the Middle East.

A few days ago, a special program was organised in Washington by the ‘Jewish Society for National Security of America’. The efforts taken by US President Trump and his administration to build ties with Israel were praised during the program. Speaking on this occasion, Secretary of State Pompeo praised the democracy in Israel. Saying that ‘Israel is a democratic and prosperous country’, the US Secretary of State commented that the other countries in the Gulf should also honour these values.

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Israel-Palestine conflict a religious war, claims religious advisor to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Israel-Palestine conflictRamallah: At a time when the dispute between Israel and Palestine is festering, the Palestinian leaders have started to adopt extreme positions. Palestine President Mahmood Abbas, considered to be moderate in comparison with the extremist group Hamas, is also turning aggressive. Indications are that this change in stand has come after the United States shifted its embassy to Jerusalem. President Abbas’s religious advisor Mahmoud al-Habash said that the war with Israel is a part of the war of Islam against its enemies.

Habash is known as the religious advisor to President Mahmoud Abbas and the judge at the religious court in the West Bank. Al-Habash who holds a politically important post claimed that the Israel-Palestine conflict is no ordinary conflict. He was addressing a big gathering while delivering the weekly message. During the address, al-Habash claimed that the Palestine-Israel war is a part of the war of Islam against its enemies. This is a conflict between Islam and enemies of Islam, was the inciting statement made by al-Habash.

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USS Ross’ visit to Israel, a message to the countries outside the Middle East, hints Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Israel-Palestine conflictAshdod: ‘USS Ross’ of the United States deployed in the Mediterranean Sea has reached Israel. ‘The visit of the US warship is a symbol of support by the United States to Israel. This is a message not only for the Gulf countries but for countries far beyond too,’ said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to warn Russia. At the same time, Prime Minister Netanyahu also reminded the actions taken by the USS Ross during the attacks on Syria.

The military activities in the region have increased after the Russian deployment of the S-300 air defence system in Syria. USS Ross, the advanced warship from the US Sixth Fleet recently reached the Israeli port of Ashdod. This is the first instance of a US warship visiting the port of Ashdod in the last 19 years. Before this, it was in 1999 that the USS Ross was stationed in this Israeli port for a few days. The visit of the US warship is being viewed against this background.

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