Introduction of Third World War Book (Second Edition)

And yet again because...

Third World War BookThe year 2006 saw the publication of 'The Third World War'. 
Now in the year 2015, the ongoing conflict has come to be an everyday affair in several parts of the world and that indeed is the reality worldwide as on date. Those who study and follow the international scene are fully convinced that the third world war is, in fact on. Pope Francis, the religious head of the Catholic community has, in the period of the last eleven months, made the world aware of the unpalatable reality at least on five occasions, if not more, that the world does indeed find itself in the midst of the third world war.
So many regions are suffering carnage of the third world war. Moreover, bloody massacre it seems is happening most of all in the Arab nations of the middle-east, the region that with its oil resources keeps the heart of the world economy live and pulsating. Horrific human brutality stomps wild and defiant on the lands of Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen. All evidence indicates that the conflict between Israel and Palestine will assume comprehensively large proportions. Israel continues to rain rocket attacks on Palestine who, in return incessantly launches air attacks on Israel. Despite the success of the talks over the nuclear programme of Iran that paint a picture of apparent cordiality between Iran and the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia deny completely, the upper hand and the growing influence that then come Iran's way. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia are threatening Iran with war.    

About a year ago, biting into Ukraine, Russia tore out Crimea and consequently finds the USA and its allies taking a stand against it over this Ukraine issue. NATO’s war exercises on the Russian borders generate tremendous tension in the area. Russia too has chosen to pay them back in the same coin. Following the Second World War, the defense strategy adopted by Japan was indeed defensive and has now undergone a complete change. Japan is now capable of not only producing defense equipment but even exporting it. Australia, a nation of the Asia-pacific region has lent its land for the establishment of an American military base. 

Pakistan’s harvest and export of terrorism began with the intention of separating Jammu-Kashmir from India. This very terrorism, now a noose, keeps tightening around Pakistan’s own neck. The terrorism nurtured in Pakistan spells a threat to the stability of Afghanistan and of Iran apart from that of India. Penetrating the territory of Pakistan, the USA had Osama Bin Laden, the Al Qaeda chief killed. Mullah Omar, the chief of the Taliban too, it has been proved, was hiding in Pakistan. Not only did Pakistan conceal from the world, all information about him, it even kept the news of his death under wraps, evidently with vested selfish interests. As a result, all the terrorists, loyal to Mullah Omar have turned against Pakistan. 

In a bid to efface terrorism, Pakistan’s fighter planes are bombing their own country. However, the terrorists’ strength, as well as their intent and strategy, have proved impervious to all these attempts. The shocking news is that the IS, the terrorist organization that took the place of the Al Qaeda, is in the process of acquiring all of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. Pakistan made the nuclear bomb for its own defense. And now the turn of events compels Pakistan to protect its nuclear bomb from a terrorist organization as dangerous as the IS. 

The air attacks launched by a total of 12 countries including the USA, Britain, and France have achieved no impact whatsoever on the brazen strength of the IS, the richest terrorist organization in the world.
The video clips of massacre published by the IS send shudders down the spine, a fact that only goes to validate the indication in the preface to the first edition of 'The Third World War that "......quantitative power that can resort to aggression, violence, and extreme ruthlessness is going to prove more dominant and successful in the conflict and for a long time to come." 
There is this crazed, deranged kind of youth from the world over, who, drawing inspiration from the IS brings about mindless killings. Iraq and Syria are not the territories where IS executes its mission, not anymore. Here now, stands a factory that manufactures brutality. The terrorists of the 'Boko Haram', of the Islamic Maghreb' and those of the 'Al Shabaab' have soaked the soils of the African continent with blood. It is observed that a large part of the manpower of the African continent is being drawn into the third world war.
The superpower that it is, the USA is looking to seize control of the world. For the purpose, it has set about chalking out its strategy against Russia, China, and other chief competitors. But then it has not succeeded in tackling the economic crisis that it finds itself faced with. Also, at the cost of millions of dollars and of the lives of thousands of soldiers, all that the USA bought was a failure again in the war against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan and that indeed is a let-down in the eyes of the American people. 
The all-powerful American President shocks the world along with the American population by saying that he does not possess the right to reveal information about aliens. This statement on his part, in fact, says much more than the words contained in it.
The whole world endured the aftershocks of the subprime crisis in the USA and those of the economic crisis in the euro as well. But then there are yet other impending crises that loom large in the world, huge economic hurricanes so to say, that threaten to rock the world and the economic challenges that Greece has had to confront on the date, is a sure and clear indication of these.

And yet in the circumstances, it is the costs of defense of every country that is swelling. The huge escalation in the costs that Russia and China sanctioned for defense have fuelled anxieties the world over. Dreadful reports that terrorist organizations have laid their hands on chemical and biological weapons have been published. All in all, a perverse conviction tending towards the celebration of devastation and destruction seems to be reigning over the world, unabashed and flagrant. 

It was ten years ago that the work 'The Third World War' sketched a clear enough design warning of the world's advancement in this direction. The events that happened after the publication of this work have from time to time, verified the indications and the possibilities referred to in it. Some inferences have even come true literally, exactly as pointed to in the work.

Now as we prepare to launch the second edition of this work published ten years ago, what crystallizes before the eyes, is the image of 'Maha-Bharat', the image that this very work brought to light. 

In these unstable circumstances that the world finds itself in, the second edition of the work The Third World War will, to say the least, make the reader aware of the horrific reality of the impending devastation and the destruction that awaits the world. Certainly and undeniably!