International conspiracy delayed India’s space programme, alleges senior ISRO scientist

International conspiracy delayed India’s space programme, alleges senior ISRO scientist



On 19th February 2016 India’s premier space agency, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully tested high-thrust indigenous cryogenic engine. This successful test will now make it possible for India in launching the heavy-lift version of the geo-stationary satellite launch vehicle (GSLV). But as a matter of fact, this milestone could have been accomplished long back. However, this project was hindered by an ‘international conspiracy’ to curtail India as an emerging power into space, says one of the former senior scientist of ISRO.


This said test, termed ‘hot test’ of indigenous cryogenic engine was carried successfully by ISRO, for 635 seconds at its Liquid Propulsion Complex at Mahendragiri, Tamil Nadu. This is considered as a great and commendable achievement in the history of Indian space programme. As a result, India’s geo-stationary satellite vehicle – ‘GSLV Mark-III’ can now carry a payload of four tons that is about twice the capacity of ISRO’s existing rockets. These results take India in an extremely elite club of nations that are self-reliant in heavy-lift satellite launch vehicles.



In the background of this, ISRO’s former project incharge, S. Nambi Narayanan disclosed a shocking secret. It was during his tenure in the year of 1980 that the Liquid Fuel Rocket Technology was initiated in India. ‘Vikas’ engine which is being currently used by ISRO and also other ISRO missions like ‘Chandrayaan’ and ‘Mangalyaan’, has been the outcome of research work by team led by S. Nambi Narayanan and his team at ISRO with assistance from France. In 1991, India signed a contract with Russia to further develop the propulsion systems for GSLVs. However, this never came to fruition, as Russia was heavily pressured by the United States, thus hindering the progress of India’s space programme.


S. Nambi Narayanan

Interestingly, S. Nambi Narayanan, the key person managing ISRO’s Liquid Fuel Rocket project on, was arrested in November 1994 on charges of selling India's confidential rocket secrets. This resulted in termination of the contract between India and Russia. But later S. Nambi Narayanan was acquitted and all the charges were proved to be fabricated.

From ages India has faced conspiracies and attacks in various forms but has always thwarted them and has won over the difficulties created by its enemies. In the above matter the national interest and national security was compromised by few for petty gains. Rather national interest and national security should take precedence over everything else.

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