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International community gets tough on China

US and Europe should align against predatory Chinese policies

Beijing/Washington: The United States and the European Union (EU) must align against the Wolf Warrior Diplomacy or predatory diplomatic policies in the South China Sea. EU Ambassador for China, Nicolas Chapuis, said that at the same time, coordination with the countries in the South China Sea needs to be increased to stop Chinese bullying. 

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Chinese attempt to take over German company busted

Berlin/Beijing: – Chinese attempt to take over IMTC, the leading IT company in Germany, has been foiled. The German government rejected the proposal by the Chinese company by saying that the concerned company and its technology are sensitive from the national security point of view.

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US & Japan launch two simultaneous military exercises to counter ever-increasing Chinese bullying

Tokyo/Washington: – Senior US military official, Colonel Neil Berry, informed about the joint war exercises with Japan saying, ‘The war exercises being held between the United States and Japan are not only for building the confidence of the respective armies but also to strengthen all the allied and partner countries. If any country stands up as an enemy, all the countries can face it with unity.’

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US continues spate of harsh decisions to counter China; 4 leading Chinese firms blacklisted

Washington/Beijing: The United States has started a spate of decisions to stop the Chinese activities for global domination. Two days ago, the United States imposed restrictions on the visas to be issued to the members of the communist party of China.

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