Instructions & FAQs regarding Shree Hanuman Chalisa pathan

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Hari Om,

As we all know, we will be having the week-long online Hanuman Chalisa pathan from 21st to 27th September. We have received a few queries from Shraddhavans regarding the pathan. For clarification, instructions and a few FAQ’s regarding the Hanuman Chalisa pathan are given below:

1. The pathan will begin at 8 am IST and will continue till 8:15 pm IST. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (22nd, 24th and 26th September), the pathan will continue for 24 hrs i.e. 8 am IST to 8 am IST of the next day. The next day's pathan will commence immediately after a short break.

2. For attending the online pathan, you may visit either of the below websites:

- Aniruddha TV website –

- Aniruddha Bhakti Facebook page -

- Aniruddha Bhajan Music (only audio) –

3. Shraddhavans who have already registered for full-day pathan should attend as per the time-table given below:

  'A' Batch 'B' Batch Avartans - (No. of Chanting)

Shraddhavans in both the batches will perform chanting in the slots of 1-hour each. They will have to attend 6 such slots during the day. When japaks of 'Batch A' chant, japaks from 'Batch B' will have a break and vice versa.

  8 am to 8:15 am, japaks of both the batches will chant together. 3
1 8:15 am to 9 am 9 am to 10 am 8 + 11
2 10 am to 11 am 11 am to 12 pm 11 + 11
3 12 pm to 1 pm 1 pm to 2 pm 11 + 11
4 2 pm to 3 pm 3 pm to 4 pm 11 + 11
5 4 pm to 5 pm 5 pm to 6 pm 11 + 11
6 6 pm to 7 pm 7 pm to 8 pm 11 + 11
  8:00 pm to 8:15 pm, japaks of both the batches will chant together 3


4. Shraddhavans who have not registered for full-day pathan but would like to participate can also go to the above mentioned links and attend as per their convenience. After attending the pathan on a particular day, if they wish to register their number of recitations that they have chanted, they may do so at the below link –

For registering through this link, you need to count the number of recitations you have performed on that particular day and submit for each day separately.

5. If any shraddhavan has registered for full-day pathan for a specific day but is not able to attend it on that day, he or she may participate in the full-day pathan on an alternate day as per their availability.

6. As already notified, for the entire week i.e. from 21st to 27th September, the daily 8 pm Upasana and Sunderkand will not be streamed on Aniruddha TV and Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Qn 1. I am participating in the pathan for an entire day, shall I abstain from taking onion or garlic in my meals on that day?

Ans – Though it is preferable to avoid onion or garlic on that day, it is however not at all mandatory to do so and left to one's own choice.

Qn 2. Is it necessary to follow any specific dress-code such as Shraddhavan dress during the chanting?

Ans – There is no specific dress code required for attending the pathan.

Qn 3. I reside out of India. The timings for full-day pathan time-table are given as per IST. What timings should I follow to do the pathan?

Ans – As per the timings given in the time-table above, those who reside outside India and have registered for Batch 'A' and Batch 'B' may attend as per IST or they may attend as per their local timings whichever is convenient to them; preferably they should attend the “Sangata” (concluding session for chanting of end verses) at around 8 pm IST (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday for eastward countries of India e.g. Australia, New Zealand etc.) or at 7:45 am IST (Wednesday, Friday, Sunday for westward countries of India e.g. USA, Canada etc.).

All others who have not registered but prefer chanting as per the time available at their disposal, may keep a count of the same and submit the count at the below link:

Qn 4. Can I take a break during the chanting?

Ans – For shraddhavans who have registered for the full-day pathan, there are alternate 1-hour sessions of break (refer time-table above). Others may attend as per their convenient timings and take breaks as required. However, if someone wishes to register through the form (given in FAQ Qn. 3 above), then he/she may count the recitations that have been performed on a particular day.

Qn 5. What if my Internet connection gets disconnected and I am not able to view the online chanting?

Ans – If your internet connection drops, you may continue the chanting. Once Internet connection is back, you can re-connect to the website and continue the chanting.

Alternatively, if you have a weak Internet connection, you may go to to join via audio only.


|| Hari Om || Shree Ram || Ambadnya || || Naathsanvidh ||