India on a spree of Military Exercises across the world

"The more you sweat during practice, the less you bleed in war", is a famous military saying. Keeping with it, the militaries of the world have been conducting war drills for centuries. Over the last two months, particularly, the Indian Armed Forces have been on a spree of military exercises worldwide. These exercises are helping to augment interoperability with allies. Moreover, they are a part of Indian military diplomacy that is globally developing strategic synergy and helping the Indian forces earn high appreciation.

India on a spree of Military Exercises worldwide
India is on a spree of Military Exercises worldwide


The Quad

Quad nations, including India, the United States, Japan and Australia, held Malabar naval exercises off the Guam coast. Guam is a US naval base closest to the disputed South China Sea and also the East China Sea. Every time, Quad's Malabar exercise raises a warning to China and reminds it of the freedom of navigation in the international waters. With the US forsaking European allies and amid diminishing NATO unity, the Quad is considered by many geopolitical analysts as a successor to NATO, which has the power to stop China.

Naval exercises in Southeast Asia

In addition to multilateral exercises, India has also conducted major bilateral naval drills with Singapore, Vietnam, Germany, Brunei and Australia in and around the South China Sea.

Indian military engagements in MENA

India conducted maritime partnership exercises with Bahrain, Sudan, Egypt and Algeria. These countries, in addition to the entire region of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), are rich in oil and gas and India's energy security is largely connected here.

Indian forces in Eurasia

India carried out 'KAZIND-21' army drill with the key Central Asian country of Kazakhstan in that country. Besides, India and its traditional ally Russia have recently engaged in several military exercises, viz., 7-nation military exercise 'Zapad 2021' and its rehearsals, 17-nation SCO military exercise, etc. In the wake of Taliban's rise in Afghanistan, this region holds critical importance.

Moreover, in the coming days, India is slated to hold military drills with Nepal, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, United States, France, etc.

Day-by-day, as China is getting more aggressive and troublesome, the whole world, from the United States to Australia, is looking up to India. Moreover, as an emerging superpower, India is firmly standing by its friends economically-militarily and the Indian military exercises held globally are an expression of Indian support.