The impossible that is, I will make possible for you

-  Sapnaveera Bhingarde


It was the 14th of November 2008. At about 9 o’clock at night my daughter, Manasi and I were cleaning vegetables and my husband, Vinaysinh was standing on a stool and fixing the tube light in the hall. After some time we heard a very loud noise. Before even knowing what had happened I just screamed. Then we realized that the tube light which my husband was fixing had fallen on my head and the glass splinters were all over the place. Glass pieces were all over my body, even in my hair. I was so scared to touch my hair fearing that I would be bleeding all over. After I had gathered myself I slowly touched my head to see if there was any bleeding. To my surprise, there was no blood but lots of glass splinters. To confirm I even told my daughter to check and even she confirmed it.

A tube light falls from a height of 7-8 feet and shatters right on my head and I am safe, I do not even bleed! Is it possible?

Even our doctor could not believe it that there was no bleeding and he even mentioned that the powder in the tube light is very dangerous. It was only my Bapu who could avert this grave calamity befalling on us.

I pray to Bapu that all bhaktas get the joy and contentment we have always got from them.

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