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Israel’s ‘Fence System’ on Indo-Pak Border

New Delhi: Director General of Border Security Force (BSF), K.K. Sharma has informed that a fence system based on Israeli technology will be erected on the border of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

A large number of infiltration attempts are happening on the Pakistan border. The ‘Israel Fence System’ is equipped with CCTV cameras and other advanced technologies. With this, sitting in the control room, it will be possible to vigil the border even with less manpower.

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India to lay natural gas pipeline from Tripura to Chittagong in Bangladesh

Agartala: Natural Gas Supply to North-Eastern states of India is often disrupted resulting in a severe shortage of gas for cooking purpose. Oil and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said that the Indian Government is proposing a gas pipeline from Bangladesh’s Chittagong to Tripura to mitigate the shortage of cooking gas. Pradhan is soon scheduled to visit Bangladesh to hold discussions with the senior ministers of Bangladesh.

Currently, there is a crisis in gas supply to the north-eastern states of India. Moreover, the route for road transportation of gas is difficult and long

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Heroin worth 3500 crores seized from Porbandar during Coast Guard Operation

Mumbai: The Mumbai Coast guard squad has seized narcotics worth 3500 Crores from a ship near Gujrat-Porbandar. An international racket of smuggling narcotics is suspected to be behind this. This is claimed to be the biggest case in India till the date of smuggling narcotics using the oceanic route. There is news that the Intelligence Agency, Navy, Police and other security agencies along with the Coast guard squad, will carry out a joint investigation of this. The Coast guard squad has taken in custody all 8 workers on the ship smuggling narcotics.

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