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India approves Proxy Vote for NRIs

Proxy Vote

New Delhi : The Union Cabinet on Wednesday has granted its approval to make necessary changes in the law to allow Non-Resident Indians to vote for the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assembly elections without their physical presence in India. The NRIs count is around 1 crore out of which 60 lakhs NRIs are eligible to vote in India. If these NRIs get the right to vote although staying abroad then it would be a major milestone in the political as well as the electoral process of the country. This amendment bill will be enforced after due approval from  both the Houses of Parliament.

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India’s credibility boosted due to Doklam, claims former Indian ambassador to China


Bejing : ‘China is habituated of taking one sided action by claiming their rights on the area of their small neighbouring countries. But in Doklam, China received befitting reply from India & Bhutan. Repercussions of this cannot remain un-emerged. Due to this  the credibility of India has increased and the small neighboring countries of China have gained new confidence’, said Ashok Kantha, former Indian Ambassador to China. While the ‘Doklam’ dispute has been resolved, it is clear that China have compromised on this problem having accepted the issue presented by India.

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Stone pelting cases decline in Jammu and Kashmir due to NIA, says Rajnath Singh


Lucknow / Jammu : The Minister of Home Affairs, Rajnath Singh, made it clear that the instances of stone-pelting have come down greatly in Jammu-Kashmir, and the credit for this goes to the National Investigation Agency (NIA). Likewise, the activities of the terrorists and the Maoists have been successfully controlled in the last three years, he claimed. The Home Minister further gave an assurance that the Country would be rid off this problem of  terrorism by the next five years. Many ‘crooks’ posing as leaders in Jammu Kashmir have been trapped in various episodes of ‘terror funding’. ‘NIA’ has managed to arrest eight such leaders and have also raided certain places.

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US will take strict action against Pakistan, warns senior US official


Washington/Islamabad: Senior officials at the Trump Administration have said that the warning given by the US President while declaring their new policy regarding Afghanistan, is not just verbal. If in the coming times Pakistan does not change its pro-terror policy, the US will not cringe to take tough decision against Pakistan. Meanwhile, considering Pakistan’s pro-terror policy, President Trump has not yet announced the time frame for the withdrawal of its army troops from Afghanistan, informed the senior official.

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