Few important Elections results from across the globe

Donald Trump’s historic victory in US elections, defeating Hilary Clinton

Few important Elections results from across the globe

Washington : Republican Party candidate Donald Trump stunned everyone, winning the US elections which was being eyed upon by the whole world. The US media had claimed that Hilary Clinton would quite easily defeat Trump in this election. Putting to rest all these speculations, the US voters ensured an undisputed victory for Trump. ‘E-mail’ controversy and the failure during President Obama’s tenure, are considered to be the prime reasons for Clinton’s defeat. At the same time, the mandate given by the US voters to Trump, having absolutely no political experience, is said to be an anti-incumbency vote against the current US political regime.

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Pro-Russian candidates win elections in Moldova and Bulgaria

Few important Elections results from across the globe

Brussels: While the current political leaders in Europe seem threatened by Donald Trump‘s victory in the US, pro-Russian leaders are on the rise in Eastern Europe. In the elections held on Sunday in Bulgaria and Moldova, pro-Russia candidates appear to have been elected. Two pro-Russian presidential candidates being elected at the same time in two countries is considered a huge blow to the European Union and its anti-Russian policies.

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4 killed in suicide attack by Taliban at Bagram Airbase

4 people were killed in a suicide attack at the Bagram Airbase, the largest American military base in Afghanistan. Taliban has claimed responsibility for this blast of Saturday morning.

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