Importance of Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

Last week, on the 18th of October, 2013, to be precise, I happened to visit an exhibition on Architecture, Construction and Engineering held at the National Exhibition Centre (NESCO) at Goregaon, Mumbai. This exhibition named ‘ACE Tech 2013 – The Future of Building’ was organized by The Economic Times; ACE being the acronym for Architecture, Construction and Engineering respectively. I myself being a civil engineer have always nurtured the passion of trying to get to know more about the various technologies relating to these fields, from the past and present as well as the future is likely to be.

I had been at NESCO to attend this exhibition on 18th October 2013 along with few of my colleagues. We reached at 10:00 am in the morning. Though I had actually planned this visit only for a few hours, I actually ended up spending the whole day immersed in knowing about the various new products and technologies that were there on display.

What we saw here was a wonderful spread of architecture and construction related products and technologies; a treat for engineering minds, ranging from tiles and ceramics, natural and engineered marble, decorative and architectural lighting, doors and windows, hardware and fittings, air-conditioning and refrigeration, paints, coats and wall coverings, etc.

Under the expert guidance of Sadguru Bapu, we are currently engaged in planning and operations of Institute of Geriatrics & Research Centre located at Juinagar. Bapu has always advocated and encouraged attending exhibitions and trade fairs as these events keep us upto date and aware of the latest happenings in industry and helps us to keep pace with time and adjust ourselves to changing business environments. Moreover, getting connected to right people is another important aspect of attending exhibitions. Bapu says that exhibitions help us to understand and experience technologies and products in reality rather than just by mere imagination or by watching videos and presentations of product demos.

exhibitions and trade fairs, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs, NESCO, ACE Tech 2013 – The Future of Building, Architecture, Construction, EngineeringWith all of these technologies on display we got to see anything and everything related to architecture and construction, that too just under one roof, without having to visit multiple places and outlets. We even found some of the rare utilities and products on offer at the exhibition, which we were finding difficult to source from the market. As Bapu had said, this exhibition too, was indeed a great way of actually seeing the product demonstrations and usages as most of the vendors who had participated had actually erected their working setups. This benefit is rarely on offer to us when we visit any of the vendor showrooms or shops.

Shraddhavans should also think of not only the relevant exhibitions and trade fairs at their convenience, which are related to their respective domains, fields and interests but also on the subjects which is of the concern of their day to day life. This would keep them abreast with the latest happenings and in touch with the reality, which would ultimately help them to boost and better their professional careers and their day to day life.

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Shri Ram

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Published at Mumbai, Maharashtra - India