Hybrid warfare - a blend of conventional, irregular and cyber warfare clutching the world

Hybrid warfare - a blend of conventional, irregular and cyber warfare clutching the world

Cyber-attacks can cause crashes of airliners and fighter jets, warns Israeli Prime Minister


Tel Aviv: ‘A fighter jet or a passenger airliner can be crashed through a cyber attack from computer or even a mobile device. Cyber attacks are becoming a major threat to global security and all countries need to unite against them,’ appealed Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Prime Minister Netanyahu also made an indirect accusation that a group of such attackers exists in Iran. A conference on cyber-issues was organised in a university in Tel Aviv, the financial capital of Israel.

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Nearly 70 million people devastated because of wars and atrocities – UN Report


New York:  Conflicts, wars and atrocities that have ridden several countries of the world have led to devastation of nearly 70 million people. The United Nations has mentioned in its report that the number of these refugees and homeless people is more than 3 million inclusive of the entire population of United Kingdom. The United Nations has expressed concern that the number of people displaced due to the conflict in Syria is the highest.

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Philippines military acts against ISIS in Marawi, raids its drug dens


Manila: 5 IS terrorists were killed in the Philippines military airstrike in the Lanao Del Sur area in Marawi city. Following this action, a conflict sparked between the Philippines military and the ISIS terrorists. The Philippines military declared that this action was a part of the campaign initiated by them against narcotics in the Lanao Del Sur area. The Mindanao region of Philippines has been controversial since the past one and a half years. The Duarte government has started a campaign against narcotics in this area and the anti-narcotics squad detained a local leader, ‘Abedin Desalongan ’ last week.

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IS threatens to launch Lone Wolf attacks during the 2018 FIFA World cup in Russia


London: ‘Along with the world cup in Russia, the terrorist attacks also will start. Loan Wolves in Europe will carry out these attacks,’ threatened IS. Posters have been released by the IS showing a Russian football stadium blown up in an IS attack. Four posters have been uploaded on this website affiliated to the IS. In all the posters, the IS has warned about attacking the football stadiums in various cities of Russia. The first poster shows the Olympic stadium in Sochi and the surrounding area blown-up in a suicide attack.

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Russia sells more than 50% of its US bonds in an attempt to devalue the US dollar


Moscow/Washington: Information has surfaced that Russia has sold US bonds worth about $47 billion in the month of April. This information has been received from the statistics published by the US department of treasury. Considering the consistent sanctions being imposed by the United States on the Russian economy, this sale of US bonds by Russia attracts attention. The US department of treasury recently published information about the transactions in US bonds for the month of April.

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Billionaires like Soros – trying to make demographic changes in Europe for financial gains, accuses Hungarian PM Viktor Orban

Budapest : ‘Hungary has played an important role in exposing George Soros and his network of supporters. Now they have begun to openly state their objectives and they want migrant influx into Europe. There are attempts to bring changes in the European people as well as in the population of Europe. Wealthy investors like Soros intend to ruin Europe to reap huge profits from the situation,’ was the serious allegation made by the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.


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Israel retaliates to the Kite Bomb attacks, conducts 9 airstrikes in 24 hours on the Gaza Strip


Jerusalem: Israel carried out 9 airstrikes in last 24 hours on the Gaza Strip in retaliation to the Kite bomb attacks by Hamas in Israel. Israeli security agencies have also initiated action against the the kite bomb attackers from the border areas of the Gaza Strip. The resolutions denouncing the Israeli action against Palestinian protesters and the attacks in Gaza Strip are being moved in the United Nations. It is being said that the United States has decided to withdraw from the meeting of the UN Human Rights Commission, in protest of what it terms as the ‘Hate Israel’ policy. 

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European Union on the verge of disintegration due to Migrant Crisis, warns Timmermans EU, First Vice-President of the EU Commission


Brussels: ‘Five years ago, no one would have imagined that the European Union (EU) would split. But in the near future there is a possibility of unbelievable events with respect to the European Union,’ were the words used by the Vice President of the EU Commission, Frans Timmermans, to make the startling warning that the European Union is on the verge of a split. Timmermans conceded that the refugee influx issue will be the bane for the split. Such statements by a senior executive of the European Union become a very serious matter at a time when major countries like Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Austria have taken an aggressive stance on the refugee crisis.

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Australia takes action against Chinese company, Huawei, claiming a security threat


Sydney: Australia has made preparations to disallow the entry of the leading Chinese Telecom giant, Huawei, into the 5G sector, claiming that there is a security threat from this company. The United States too, is already preparing to take action against Huawei, and with Australia indicating the same, it appears that Huawei will have to suffer major losses in the near future. The company has assured that it poses no threat to Australia whatsoever. The company has also denied the Australian accusation that it is under control of the Chinese government.

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Trump prepares to impose taxes on Chinese imports worth $ 200 billion, China accuses US President of blackmail


Washington/Beijing: Warning that the United States will not tolerate China or any other country taking undue advantage in trade, US President Donald Trump threatened to impose taxes on import of goods worth $ 200 billion from China. Only last week President Trump had announced imposition of a 25% tax on imports of goods from China worth $ 50 billion. China had retaliated by imposing added taxes on goods worth $ 34 billion imported from the United States.

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Russia upgrades nuclear bunkers at Kaliningrad, ‘Federation of American Scientists’ publish its satellite images


Washington/Moscow: While there is mounting tension between the United States and the western countries on one hand, information has been revealed that Russia has modernised the nuclear bunkers located in its main defence base at Kaliningrad in the Baltic sector. The matter came to fore in an article published by the leading think tank from the United States, ‘Federation of American Scientists’ (FAS). The FAS has published satellite pictures of the Russian nuclear bunkers. Currently, the FIFA world cup tournament is being held in Russia and some important matches are scheduled to be held in Kaliningrad.

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Criticising Israel has become a part of a political game: US Envoy to UN, Nikki Haley

New York: The US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley expressed strong displeasure about the United Nations (UN) position saying that, ‘The United Nations has never held a terrorist organisation like Hamas responsible for the violence in the Gaza Strip and criticising Israel has become a part of a political game for the members of the United Nations.’ On Wednesday, Turkey and Algeria moved a resolution against Israel at UN which was passed with a vote of 120 against 8. Nikki Haley also severely castigated the United Nations’ policies.


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