He who bows at his lotus feet and reposes faith

- Sudesh Gharat, Boisar bows

Sadguru keeps doing innumerable things for us but never blows his own trumpet. However, if a devotee performs a good deed, however, trivial that is, God makes it out to be a big deal. My experience enumerates this very thought. I have had many experiences of the holy grace of Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu. Here are just a few of them. My wife, Sushma appeared for the first exam in the series of Panchasheel examination. She got a remark “next time” (please appear again). She was quite disappointed. She decided not to appear for the Panchasheel examination ever. She felt that it was not her cup of tea. I explained to her,”Bapu has indicated to us that the Panchasheel examination is not about the knowledge but it is an examination of your devotion.” I recommended she try it again. I told her to have faith in Bapu. For all his devotees, Bapu has already declared,”Me tula kadhich taknaar nahi.” (I will never forsake you) After some passage of time, she felt that she needed to appear for the exam once again. She reposed all her faith in her Sadguru and a surprising thing happened. Due to Parampujya Bapu’s blessings, she could reach up to the fourth examination. She got the “Distinction” in her fourth exam. That is how, Bapu through his unconditional love, helped Sushma scale up the peak of her success in the Panchasheel examination. Jyane dharile he paay and ani thevila vishwas !! My daughter Shreya accompanied us to Parampujya Suchitdada’s clinic to collect Sushma’s answer paper. Dada asked Shreya, ”My child, what do you do?” Shreya answered,” I am pursuing my D.Ed. in English. In fact I wanted to pursue Pharmacy but Bapu guided me to do D.Ed.” Dada asked, ”Where did you meet Bapu?” Shreya said, ”He told me about it when he appeared in my dream.” Dada exclaimed, "What! In your dream? And you agreed?” On that Shreya responded, ”Yes, even if it was in my dream, Bapu’s order is the right and the most appropriate thing for me to do.” Dada said,”Shree Ram! Hari Om!” Dada gave her blessings and voila! The results for the first year D. Ed. Exam were out in the following month. Shreya secured the first rank in her college. In fact, I myself had appeared and passed all the five exams of Panchasheel examination. Dada once asked me,’Why don’t you appear for the exam once again.” I answered,”Dada I have appeared again. I just appeared for the second exam. Bapu himself has said that keep appearing for the exam again and again. Even if you get one additional mark, know that your devotion has grown a little bit. I really liked that.” Dada said,”Very good.” Similarly, our son, Ritesh dislikes bookish way of studying. He had barely passed his 12th standard. While he was worried about his future and the next course of action, due to Bapu’s blessings, one day a friend of his came over and asked Ritesh about his interest. Ritesh informed him about his interest in gaining technical knowledge. On hearing that, his friend helped him procure an admission in Jetkings College at Borivali. Once again, it was Bapu’s blessings that Ritesh passed the exam and secured a second rank. Now he is pursuing his education in Computer Science. All this took place only due to the blessings of Bapu. We are forever indebted to Bapu. We will always remain indebted to him for all that he has done for our family. How much does God praise a tiny action of a devotee! It’s a matter of great pride for us to see our Sadguru take the name of a devotee! Many of us have had the pleasure and the happiness to hear one’s name as Bapu reads out the names of devotees who get the distinction in Panchasheel examination. It is a sign of Bapu’s true love for his devotees! I bow at the lotus feet of Sadguru Bapu!