He is ever-ready for His devotees

Chandrakala Patil He is ever-ready for His devotees

As per my routine, I was travelling with my son on his motorcycle to a nearby village. There was a car which was behind our bike at an alarming speed. However, it was still far behind and therefore, my son had not put on the indicator while taking a turn towards the way where we were headed. As we turned the handle of the motorbike, he made a hand gesture, as a signal for the corner which caused the car driver to apply the emergency brakes.

While taking the turn, my son saw the car nearing in and it had reached quite close to us. For a split second, he anticipated the accident that was about to occur and immediately thought of Bapu. All of a sudden, instead of turning into the lane, he straightened the handle and drove straight on the road. It was at that moment that the car touched the rear end of the motorcycle, but because the handle had been straightened, the vehicle pushed our bike for almost 10-12 feet before coming to a screeching halt. Many villagers from in and around that area came running outside on hearing the screeching noise of the brakes. After taking a look at the whole scene, everyone began to exclaim that it was only our good fate that had saved us from the mishap.

If the handle of the two-wheeler was not straightened in time, only Bapu can tell the following events that would have unfolded otherwise. The miracle has taken place only because of Bapu’s Udi Prasad. When we step out of the house, I always apply Udi on my forehead, put some in my mouth and also apply it to the vehicle. I had done the same on that day as well. In fact, in spite of having committed a mistake (not giving the signal at the right time), my Bapu had not only saved us but also ensured that the bike did not suffer any damage in the accident.

I bow a thousand times at the Lotus Feet of Bapu!!