Has the EU turned into a subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party?

In 2013, the European Union and China began negotiations for a bilateral investment pact. Numerous rounds of talks have been held since then yet because of some sane voices both the sides have not signed the deal for failing to reach a common ground concerning reciprocal market access and a level playing field.

As usual, China is trying to go overboard and is trying to pressure the EU for a Free Trade Agreement instead of an investment pact. It is another sticking point between the two sides. 

Amid all this, the person who officially looks after the European interests in China, the Ambassador of the European Union in Beijing, Nicolas Chapuis has, on the contrary, urged China to "be more ambitious" in talks with the EU on the bilateral investment pact. In fact, he has even gone to the extent of terming the EU or European nations providing support to their local businesses as 'protectionism'. On the other hand, he has pitched for China-based supply chains.

Courtesy: https://news.yahoo.com

The love of Nicolas Chapuis for China has blossomed when China is eyed suspiciously by the whole world for spreading the Coronavirus pandemic. The Coronavirus that originated in China has killed thousands and sickened hundreds of thousands across Europe.

Moreover, just a few days back, Margrethe Vestager, the EU Competition Commissioner, has stated that EU nations should buy stakes in EU firms to counter Chinese takeovers as a part of EU's attempts to protect its businesses amid Coronavirus Outbreak. Vestager has also demanded deterrent regulations at the earliest to keep China at bay. Also, famous French biologist Dr Luc Montagnier has called reports about Coronavirus originating in the so-called wet market in China as "a beautiful legend" and claimed that the virus is "developed" in Wuhan lab.

And, it is not just Mr Chapuis, who has an affinity towards China. The bonding between the EU, its officials and China is quite known across the world. Recently, this bonhomie was once again exposed after, facing pressure from China, the EU replaced a report on the Chinese disinformation campaign on COVID-19.

With all this, many experts have started to question whether the EU has turned into a subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party?