The Golden Train’s Tunnel - PART 3

Later, Slowikowski’s dog was poisoned to death. His front door was broken. He faced attacks which seemed like those portrayed in Hollywood movies. These attacks still continue to happen. Even today, some people feel that Slowikowski shouldn’t search for the train or the tunnel. But even after so many years, no one knows who these people are.

It isn’t only Slowikowski who receives such threats. There were many people who tried their level best to hunt for this Nazi train in the past seven decades. They tried exploring the train at the Germany-Poland border too. Amongst them, those who reached near Walbrzych were threatened similarly. They were attacked too. Some explorers felt that if their names get disclosed in front of media, their life could be at danger. Some people ceased the investigation due to the fear of losing their lives. This was because for the past seven decades, people who tried to investigate the lost train had lost their lives. An investigator had lost his life in this forest 4 months ago. But, Slowikowski was unaffected by these threats and deaths. He continued with his surveys. He has formed a ‘table-model’ of the information that he has gathered. He has created a model of the tunnel, the rail track and the siding in Walbrzych, exactly how it was in 1928. While working on this, Slowikowski hadn’t informed the media about his researched work or attacks. He did not find it important.

golden train

But this year in August, a Nazi soldier who was on his deathbed, provided the details of the train in the forest of Walbrzych to his relatives. Many historians and surveyors have come up with various theories regarding the Nazis and the train. Hence, many search parties were formed in the past to dig further details about the Nazi train. However, now there was a lot of chaos as the Nazi soldier who was involved in hiding of the train had revealed information about it.

Walbrzych’s mayor Roman Szelemej looked into the information stated by the Nazi soldier. Similarly, the police force in that area too was increased for the same purpose. Due to this revealed information, surveyors from all over the world had gathered in Walbrzych. Piotr Zuchowski, Poland’s Secretary of State in the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage asked the investigators to put an end to their research work for safety purposes. Zuchowski found this appeal very interesting.

golden train 2 researchers

During this time, two more researchers claimed of finding the buried Nazi train. The researchers from Germany and Poland stated that they have discovered the ‘train’. They claimed that since several years, this mysterious train contains more than a hundred tonnes of gold. Andreas Richter and Piotr Koper, the German- Polish duo, have accomplished in establishing exciting findings in regards to this hidden treasure. There are some people other than these two who too are claiming of finding the train. But the Polish Government has given permission to Richter and Koper to dig for finding the train.

Slowinkowski unfolded his information in front of the world after knowing the claims of Richter-Koper. This was because Slowinkowski was only hunting for the tunnel and the Nazi train. But after it was confirmed that the train carried gold and antique pieces, Slowinkowski put forward his helping hand to aid the further research work. The Polish military began digging the spot where this train filled with gold and valuables was buried. The Polish cops and the army with heavy military equipment arrived at the scene and surrounded the place with iron barricades and stations to restrict trespassers from entering the premises. But Koper objected to the digging which was started by the Polish army.

To be continued...

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