Freed from the clutches of death!

- Siddhartha Hombal, Dharwad A simple looking tumour in the stomach turns out to be malignant. Continuous bleeding begins during the surgery, and slowly the patient begins to have difficulty breathing. Doctors inform the relatives to bid final bye. In such circumstances, just because someone in the family asks to have faith in Bapu and urges to invoke him, all the rules go for a toss, and the patient survives…

I am Siddhartha Hombal, a resident of Dharwad, Karnataka. My mother had been ailing for the past three years. She had lost her appetite. If someone forced her to eat, she would simply say that she was not hungry. Slowly she began to lose weight. She had wrinkles on her skin. At times, she would say that she had a twitch in her stomach and would tie a piece of cloth tightly to her stomach. Later, she would eat a little bit. I used to feel terrible looking at her deteriorating health. Since April 2012, her stomach pain aggravated multifolds. She would have an occasional fever and would also complain of stomach and back ache. She lost her appetite even more. We consulted almost 3-4 doctors. They could not diagnose the ailment but prescribed some or the other medicines. Her ailment was not cured with those medications. My worries for her began to aggravate. One of my mother’s sisters, Shakuntala Kanade and her husband from Mumbai visited us during these times. Her husband had retired from the police force and then had relocated to Dharwad. Their house was almost adjacent to my house. Every year, I perform Satyanarayan Pooja at home. Since Kanade's were in the town, I went to invite them for the pooja. As soon as I entered that home, I saw a picture where a man in a white shirt and black trousers was seated at the feet of Bhagwan Dattaguru. This man had big moustaches. Seeing that picture, out of sheer surprise, I asked, “Whose picture is this?” She answered, “He is our Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu.” On seeing that picture of him, devotion kindled in my mind. I prostrated in front of him. Akka gave me the Udi. I accepted it and happily returned home after inviting them. On the day of the pooja, Akka came home and on seeing my mother, exclaimed out of immense concern, “You have lost so much weight! What is your problem? It looks like you are anaemic. You look almost like a skeleton. Did you consult a doctor?” I then narrated the whole story to her. I went to a local doctor named Panchamukhi the next day on Akka’s recommendation. The doctor examined her and said that she had a tumour in her stomach. He then asked us to complete the x-ray and scanning and meet him with the reports. Reports showed a tumour of 20 cms x 7.5 cms size; on hearing that, the ground under my feet slipped. Seeing me shaken up and worried, Shakuntala Akka said, ”Do not worry so much. Bapu is with us. He will cure your mother. His ways are unfathomable. You will experience it soon. If you have unwavering trust in him, he will never forsake you. Do not worry about the financial provisions. But to begin with, repose complete faith in him.” She continued… “Let us first admit her to KMC hospital at Hubli. There are several experts there. She will be cured, and above all, Bapu is there with us.” She was speaking out of immense love and concern for us. While she spoke, a firm thought developed in my mind that Bapu was with us and my mother would be cured soon. Look how Bapuraya embraces an ordinary shraddhavan like me! During this time, I got Udi and Gurukshetram Mantra from Shakuntala Akka. I began to chant that ceaselessly. We admitted my mother to KMC hospital on Tuesday, August 7, 2012. The doctor told us that he would operate on her on August 16, 2012. He also informed us to make arrangements for two units of blood for transfusion. We began our search for the right donor. Finally, Bapu ensured that I would be the donor. My mother was wheeled into the operation theatre on Thursday, around 9 am. We all were seated outside. We were quite anxious and worried. Around 12:30 pm, one of the assistants of the operating doctor came out to tell us that my mother needed three units of blood. I was ready to donate my blood. After some time, the doctor came out again and informed us that my mother’s condition was severe and that he was unsure if she would survive. He said that he had thought it to be a benign tumour but it turned out to be malignant. He also said that it was stuck to her intestine. He further said that the bleeding started as soon as he cut the tumour. Her blood pressure had begun to drop. He said that he did the best he could in these circumstances and that he would not be able to guarantee her survival. “Are the patient’s close relatives here?” he asked and called me inside his office. He also called my sister and asked her to sign a consent form. After that, I, along with my brother, went to get some medicines and injections that the doctor had prescribed. When we returned, I saw that my sister was howling and saying that my mother was gradually moving towards death despite being alive. She went on to say that I made the biggest mistake of bringing her to Hubli. I almost collapsed hearing her speak that way. However, right then, I began to chant Gurukshetram mantra and Sadguru Bapu’s Tarak mantra. I came out of the hospital and invoked Bapu. I told him, “Sadgururaya, please rush for my help. Please save my mother. Please hurry. She will be no more if you are late.” I am sure; Bapu was listening to my prayers. After three hours, my mother was shifted to the ward. At that time, she had innumerable tubes attached to her fingers as well as her chest. She had an oxygen mask on her face. My heart choked to see her. I felt I was responsible for bringing her there and putting her in such circumstances. I felt terrible, and I thought I had committed the biggest mistake of my life. The doctor had given us 24 hours. I was chanting Bapu’s name.I had concluded that if anybody could save my mother, it had to be Bapu. And my faith in him proved to be correct. Bapu made sure he proved it right. From that moment onwards, my mother’s condition improved, and on August 30, 2012, she was discharged from the hospital. After that, every 21 days, she had to take a dose of Chemotherapy. Overall, she took five sessions. My mother, who was 75 years then, faced the adverse effects of chemotherapy and the medicines with courage. It was his grace that prevailed. After the first two chemotherapy sessions, my mother began to work in and around our house as if she had not suffered any ailment. After this age, my mother continues to do all household chores such as mopping, cleaning utensils, cooking, etc. I was not in the know of Bapu. However, when I learned about him, I invoked him. While the doctors had given us only 24 hours for her survival, Bapu freed her from the clutches of death. I bow at the lotus feet of Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu.