Flames of conflict burning in and around Asia

US’s ‘MOAB’ attack on Afghanistan shocks ‘IS’ as well as Pakistan


Washington/Kabul: The US shocked the whole world by experimenting with the 10,000 kg bomb, the ‘GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Air blast Bomb (MOAB)’ aka ‘Mother of all Bombs’ on Afghanistan. The bomb was dropped near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and according to the released information, 36 terrorists were killed due to it. But the tremors of this bomb were also felt in Pakistan along with Afghanistan. The US President Donald Trump praised the US military for using the bomb.

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Gold Rates may hit $1,350 by end of 2017, forecast European analysts

Asia_gold rates

Rome: European Analysts have forecasted that the gold rates would surge to about 1,350 dollars by the end of the year due to geopolitical tensions and inflation. Analysts have drawn attention to the fact that the gold prices have risen by a staggering 12 percent within a period of four months from the start of the year. Two days ago, the gold rate per ounce (28.34 gram) was hiked to 1,283 dollars.

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Amidst escalating tensions in North Korea, China makes an appeal to Russia

Beijing: China has warned that a war may spark in the Korean Peninsula if the tensions between the US and North Korea continue to escalate. China has sought Russia’s help in order to avert such a conflict and also to deescalate the tensions between the US and North Korea. The recent US attacks on Syria has caused a standoff between Russia and the US.

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Death toll from dump collapse in Sri Lanka reaches 31

Asia_Sri Lanka

Few months back, Devnar dumping ground, in Mumbai caught fire. This resulted in heavy smoke that spread to almost half of the city of Mumbai. People from various parts of the city complained of burning sensation in their eyes. People staying close to the dumping ground are suffering from a number of health issues. The issue of dumping ground is not limited to Mumbai only. Many cities and many countries are struggling with this issue of dumping ground.

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Japan to nationalise 273 islands

Japan Islands_Asia

Tokyo: In the midst of growing military activities of China to capture the maritime area in the ‘South China Sea’ and the islands therein, Japan has announced nationalisation of nearly 273 islands in the ‘East China Sea’ and in the nearby area. The Prime Minister Shinjo Abe also made it clear that civilian colonies shall be established on these islands for the security of Japan. This activity of Japan may attract strong reaction from China.

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North Korean President orders citizens to evacuate the capital, claims Russian and South Korean media

Seoul: In spite of only a few hours remaining for the deployment of America’s aircraft carrier warship on to the Korean waters, the leader of the North Korean governance, Kim Jong-un ordered the residents of Pyongyang,the capital of the country, to leave the city immediately. Both Russia and South Korea’s press has claimed that these orders issued by the country chief of North Korea, may imply a preparation for war. Concurrently, China has assigned 25,000 additional soldiers to the Korean border. 

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Saudi-led military front poses no harm to Iran, clarifies Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry

 Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry_Asia

Islamabad, April 05 (News Agency) – Intense reaction is emerging from Iran after the former Military head of Pakistan, General Raheel Sharif took over the responsibility of leading the Saudi-led military front. The co-operation with Iran may be affected due to this stand by Pakistan, warned Iran. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has tried to smooth the ruffled feathers and Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary, Tehmina Janjua clarified that the military front is not against Iran or any other nation.

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Jordan summons Iranian ambassador after Iran’s criticism of Jordanian King

Jordanian king_Asia

Amman : Jordan has strongly warned Iran who severely criticised Jordan’s ‘King Abdullah the Second’, now on tour to the US. Jordan has summoned the Iranian ambassador, demanding clarification from Iran for using inappropriate language against the Head of their nation. Jordanian King Abdullah the second, had met the US President Donald Trump and the Secretary of Defense James Mattis four days back while on tour to the US.


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Rise in terrorism triggers European countries to implement strict border security control

Brussels: The terror attacks in countries like France, Germany, UK, Sweden have triggered the European countries to implement a strict security control on their borders. All the travellers to European countries would now be scrutinised under ‘Biometric’ identification. Also, their examination will be carried out with the help of the ‘Schengen Information System’ and the Interpol ‘database’.


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China offers concessions to avert trade war with US


Beijing: China has offered some concessions to avert a possible trade war with the US. The proposal includes allowing better market access for foreign investors in the China’s financial sector and lifting up the ban on US beef imports. Senior officials from both the countries ascertained this information. A ‘100-Day Plan’ has been announced to improve the trade relations between the two countries during a summit that was held last week between the US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping.

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Israel-European under-sea gas pipeline project


Tel Aviv: European countries have diverted their attention towards Israel as an alternative source for fuel gas instead of relying completely on Russia. On Monday, in a meeting conducted in Israel, a proposal was mutually agreed upon to build pipeline in the Mediterranean Sea from Israel to Italy. A total cost of around €6 billion is estimated to build this 2000 kms pipeline. Even today, Europe imports 1/3rd of fuel gas of its total requirement from Russia. Only because of fuel gas supply, Russia was able to maintain pressure on the European countries. But, after the outcry in Ukraine, the European countries are trying to break the dominance created by Russia.

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Ex-Iranian President Ahmadinejad enters Presidential race

Tehran: The Iranian hard-line groups appear to have become operational during the impending presidential elections. The former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who had threatened to wipe off the US and Israel from the world-map, has re-entered the Presidential race. ‘Imam Ebrahim Raisi’, a leader who has been endorsed by Iranian President Rouhani’s bitter opponent and Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, announced his candidacy as well.


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Major changes in US policy on Syria, Trump Administration ready for compromise over Assad’s ouster demands


Ankara/New York: Since the past six years, fierce conflicts have been taking place in Syria to overthrow the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. The US who had taken a stance by saying that the conflict would not stop until Assad is ousted, has now declared of important changes being made in its policy. Henceforth, ending President Assad’s regime would not be a US priority, said Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations.

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Greece is ready to give a fitting reply to Turkey


Athens: Greek defence minister has warned that Greece is prepared to give a fitting reply to any provocation from Turkey. Recep Erdoğan raised the prospect of conducting a new referendum over the issue of EU membership and also threatened to allow a huge number of refugees into Europe. Tension is mounting in Turkey and the European Union over the issue of the new referendum to be held in April in Turkey. On this background, the warning from Greece can further increase the tension.

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ISRO collaborates with private sector to manufacture satellite


Bengaluru : ‘Indian Space Research Organisation’ (ISRO), which has set newer world records in the field of satellite launching, will soon collaborate with private sector for developing satellites. The very first satellite to be manufactured jointly by the government and the private sector, will be launched very soon. By launching 104 satellites in space at one go, ISRO created a world record. Out of those, 101 satellites belonged to other countries.

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