Foundation Laying Ceremony of the First 'Shree Aniruddhadham'

Hari Om Friends

I have just returned from Dudhalgaon, the site of the first Shree Aniruddhadham (located on the Pune-Alandi road), after performing upasana and poojan at the site, on the most auspicious occasion of Guru Pournima, which set into motion the construction work on the project. I have got down to writing this post as I just could not wait to inform all my Shraddhavaan friends about this extremely historic event.

A total of 18 of us left Mumbai early at 7.00 am and reached the site at around 12.15 pm. We were joined by around 350-400 Shraddhavaans from 30 upasana centres from Pune district. Upon reaching there, we gathered that it had rained heavily the previous day and the entire ground was slushy and muddy. People at the site were at a loss to figure out how the foundation laying ceremony would happen today. But, by the time we reached the venue, there were barely any tell tale signs of yesterday’s heavy rains. The sun was out in full glory and the skies were a clear blue. Such is the krupa of our Sadguru.

A stage had been erected on which were placed photographs of Mothi Aai (Adimata Mahishasurmardini), Dattabappa and Bapu, Aai & Dada. The Mahadharmavarmans Dr.Yogindrasinh Joshi and Dr. Vishakhaveera Joshi went on stage for performing the Upasana. All Shraddhavaans present participated in the Upasana, which lasted around 45 minutes.

Thereafter, I, along with the Mahadharmavarmans descended on the floor of the pit from where the foundation was to be erected. There, using turmeric paste, I drew the skanda chinha, swastika and deep on the floor of the Foundation, from where the first pillar was to be erected, Thereafter the Mahadharmavarmans offered flowers at the same place. We also broke coconuts and sprinkled the water around. I had brought along with me Udi from Happy Home which also I sprinkled around.

Thereafter, the first trolley containing cement concrete for the Foundation was brought for emptying in the pit. The Mahadharmavarmans assisted by the workers emptied the concrete into the pit, thereby setting in motion the construction of the first Shree Aniruddhadham. This is truly a very historic day in the annals of mankind.

Temporary sheds have been constructed on the site which houses a material testing lab, a site office and staying quarters for the labour.

Bapu has said that the first ever Shree Aniruddhadham will be inaugurated on the Ramnavami of 2015.