I fell under a running train, but……….

- C. S. Mogre 

In this world, across countries, there are thousands of accidents that take place every day. In these accidents, many people lose their lives while some of them become handicapped. But the devotees of Bapu who face such life-threatening accidents are an exception to this.

  • One day in January 2003, I had a dream early morning and saw Bapu was in my dream. I shouted at the top of my voice ‘Bapu has come’, ‘Bapu has come’ and surprisingly after 2 days my daughter-in-law got a large photo of Bapu from her parents’ place. This also seemed like some kind of a sign to me!
  • I stay at ‘Om Shri Mandar Co-op Soc.’ in Virar and we had our own stationery shop downstairs. One day in February 2003, my son had to go out for buying some goods and told me to be in the shop in his absence. I went to the shop and kept myself busy by cleaning a few things inside. But I do not know how the photo frame of Bapu that was kept in one corner, suddenly fell down. The impact shattered the glass of the photo frame. I got very scared.

I went upstairs to my house called my daughter-in-law’s residence i.e. Dr. Dewankde’s house. My son’s mother-in-law picked up the phone and I narrated the entire incident to her. At that time, she assured me by saying, ‘Maybe you were to face a big problem and Bapu must have taken it on himself’. However, I could not foresee any such problem.

…But the Sadguru must have definitely seen that lurking danger.

 I fell under a running train, but……….

It so happened that the case of my land in Saphale was ongoing in the Palghar court. I was traveling by the Saurashtra Express on 13th of March for my case. I had my friend, Suryakant Kudu for a company. When the train entered the station and was about to stop, a man jumped from nowhere and pushed me.  

Due to this, I fell under the train while it was still in motion. The train’s wheels scratched my back. My friend told me later that from what he had seen it was as if my neck had been cut.

But when the train stopped and he saw me alive, he got down and took me out. He then took me to the nearby Sanjeevani hospital where I got quick medical attention and was saved.

In this way, even after falling under the train and not getting enough time to call out Bapu for help, I got out of this danger only because of his unconditional love and grace.

I am eternally ambadnya!

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