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Experience Of Sunandaveera Barhate

For the devotees living out of town, the news that ‘Bapu is going to come to my town’, is like a festive occasion. Every devotee is eager to participate in this occasion. Then during this time, if any devotee faces a personal tragedy, he feels, ‘Will I miss this opportunity?’ But Sadguru will never let that happen…

 I bow down to Parampujya Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu,

We have been in Bapu’s Shraddhavan family for the past 10 years and are very happy. We have experienced his grace on many small and big occasions in our lives. 16th October 2011 was our Aniruddha Upasana Centre’s most festive day as Bapu was going to visit Jalgaon. All the devotees were very happy and enthusiastic.

On 10th October, I had to visit my sister-in-law’s farm in Yaval village for some work. My husband and I travelled on a two-wheeler to the village. On our way back, our vehicle slipped near Nashirabad village. I fell down and became unconscious as my head got hit. A crowd gathered around us.

People sprinkled water on my face. I gained consciousness soon after and the first thing that came to my mind was my purse. I had some money from the earlier work in my purse. I was worried about what may have happened to it. I found the purse lying on one side of the road. I signaled my husband to the purse and he immediately picked it up and counted the money inside. Due to Bapu’s grace, the entire money was intact.

Once I felt assured that the money was intact, my attention drew to my injuries. I had got an inch long cut near my eye and few injuries on my back. The people who had gathered said that they will take me to the hospital in a rickshaw. But I said, ‘Let me relax for some time’ and after 15-20 minutes, we went to the hospital using our vehicle. From there, we went back home.

I kept thinking to myself – Bapu’s visit to Jalgaon is in another 5 days, will I be able to do Seva in such a condition? But thanks to the boundless grace of Bapu, I felt better in these 5 days itself and was able to attend the ‘Utsav’.

Bapu ensured that both, the money and me, reached home safely. It’s so true! Bapu takes care of every devotee so much. I faithfully bow down to Sadguru Bapu!

And in the same way, I had my second experience. In the year 2006, Bapu announced the ‘Shree Vardhaman Vratadhiraj’. Since then, I have been asking my husband to follow the fast every year. But in the month of Margashish, we have many different occasions like Shaanti, Engagement and other such occasions and thus the rules of Vardhaman Vratadhiraj may not be followed. So he never followed the Vardhaman Vratadhiraj.

However, in 2012, I urged him to follow the Vrat. He too kept his fear of breaking the rules aside and followed it diligently by conforming to all the rules.

I was very happy that my husband followed the Vardhaman fast for the very first time. But actually, it was Bapu who made sure he adhered to it so that he could protect him from the problems that were approaching, which we got to know of later.

My husband was watching T.V. around 9 pm two days after the start of the Vardhaman Vrat and all of a sudden he fell down from the bed. I heard a noise and came there immediately. What did I see?  He had lost his conscious and his eyes were wide open.  I was very scared.

I pressed his eyes tightly and called our children. We witnessed such a condition for the very first time in our life. We were trying to wake him up but he did not move an inch. Just the thought of what could happen now, scared us all.

I told the children to bring our Udi. I put the Udi on his chest and forehead and some of it in his mouth.

….and after some time, he gained back his consciousness.

He asked us “What had happened to me? And good that I did the Vardhaman fast. It saved my life!”

We all devotees of Bapu put Udi while we go out or enter our house, during grief as well as in joy. This Udi protects us from all our problems. It reduces the impact of them. In this case, Udi acted as a medicine and protected me and my family from a huge catastrophe. In this time and age, there is only one savior, my Aniruddha Ram!

I bow down to Parampujya Bapu a million times!

I hope and pray that I be blessed by my Sadguru in every birth!

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