Every little thing matters to my Bapu!

- Neeta Jadhav, Ulhasnagar


We hear of experiences where a shraddhavaan is safely pulled out of the jaws of death by the Sadguru. Along with it, there are small experiences that a common man faces in his daily life.  The experiences may look ordinary but for the Sadguru there is no difference between a big or small experience. Whatever be the situation - our Bapu, our Sadguru responds lovingly to the shraddhavan who calls out to him from the heart. He rushes to help. That is Bapu, that is how he loves.

Aniruddha-Bapu - Blessings

My sister-in-law, Smita Sunil Jadhav and I were going to Gurukshetram for the night ‘Ramrasayan Pathan’. We left Ulhasnagar in the evening and came to Gurukshetram at about 8.30 at night. My sister-in-law happened to check her bag but could not find her purse. Was it stolen in the train?  Both of us panicked. She had Rs. 1200 in her purse and I had only 120 rupees. We were worried as to how we could spend the night. The return tickets were also in her purse that meant we had to buy the tickets. That left us with a mere 50 rupees. Smita said that this money was not enough for our food and to spend the night, therefore, it was best that we return back immediately.

I assured her that we would borrow some money from someone and return it later. But she would not agree to it. Eventually, I told her that we would share a plate of snacks. Saying so, I went to the counter to buy the coupons. There were two people at the counter. I asked for a plate of pakodas, gave the 50 rupee note, took the coupon and the remaining money. 

Then something unexpected happened. The other person at the counter suddenly said to me, “I know that you do not have enough money and you have come from very far. You barely have the ticket money. You take this 50 rupees and also the coupon money. I will give that too. Don't be hesitant.  You have come for ‘pathan’, do it very calmly and peacefully. I am not giving it from my pocket. Take it as a blessing from Bapu.”

Hearing this, my eyes welled up with tears, I could barely look up; leave alone talk to him. He said again, “Hari Om, You are here for ‘pathan’ aren't you? In case you want tea, coffee or biscuits in the night, I will pay for that too.”

Hearing this I thanked him with folded hands and only managed to say, “Today you have come in the form of Bapu for us. Bapu really cares for us.”

Taking the pakodas I went to my sister-in-law and told her everything that had happened and even she could not control her tears. Wiping her tears she said, “This experience is a testimony to the fact that Bapu knows each and everything, even the smallest things about a bhakta.”

Our million pranam to our ever compassionate Sadguru.

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