Europe: A continent that precariously sits on a stack of explosives

Trump threatens Europe with trade war too; will impose 20% tariffs on European cars

Washington: The European Union should immediately remove tariffs imposed on the United States as well as barriers in its trade, else 20% tariffs will be slapped on the cars imported from Europe to the United States, warns US President, Donald Trump. He further added that the EU should consider manufacturing cars in the United States to exempt from these tariffs. The warning issued by the US President indicates a new spark to flare up a trade war between the United States and Europe.


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Storm of another migrant influx hovering over Europe, warns Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz


Berlin: The Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz issued a stern warning that hordes of migrants had parked themselves at the borders of various European countries, similar to 2015, and that a fresh storm of migrant influx was hovering over Europe. While issuing this warning, Chancellor Kurz also accused the German Chancellor Angela Merkel of being solely responsible for the migrant menace. A mini summit of European countries is scheduled to be held on Sunday to discuss the migrant issue and hence, the warning issued by Kurz gains importance.

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Democracy in Europe will be threatened if the borders are not sealed for immigrants, warns Bavarian Minister-President


Linz: The Minister-President of Bavaria in Germany, and the Austrian Chancellor have arrived at a consensus against the immigrants. ‘If the European borders are not sealed for the immigrants, the entire European democracy will come under threat,’ warned Markus Soeder, the Minister-President of Bavaria. Minister-President Soeder is the leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU) Party, which is a part of Chancellor Merkel’s ruling coalition. 

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Europe will have to face severe problems because of the immigrants, Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban


Budapest: The voluntary organisations pushing immigrants from Africa into Europe are nothing but ‘White Collared’ human traffickers, accused Italian Minister for Interior Security, Matteo Salvini. Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban has supported this accusation and congratulated Salvini. At the same time, Prime Minister Orban also warned that Europe will have to face severe problems due to the throngs of Islamic immigrants entering European countries. 

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Netherlands will spend millions of dollars on each migrant, warns renowned Mathematician


Amsterdam: Discontent among the European countries against the migrants from Africa and Asia is on the rise. Some leaders and economists claim that European countries need the young migrants in view of the rising population of aged people. These leaders and economists have advised that the European people should not disregard the benefits from the migrants with their communal outlook on the issue. Statistics are being presented to substantiate the claim. 

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Don’t repeat the mistakes committed by Hitler against Russia, Chechen leaders warn European Union


Moscow: “German dictator, Adolf Hitler was unaware of Russian language and its history. Hence, he had planned to take over Russia in a few months. In today’s time, European countries threatening Russia, need to study the history properly and not repeat the same mistakes of their leaders from the past.” warned Ramzan Kadyrov, head of the Chechen Republic, as he reminded foreign powers of their previous failed attempts to conquer Russia.

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Netherlands passes a law banning burqa

Amsterdam: The political parties in Netherlands welcomed the decision of ‘burqa ban’, saying that it’s the first step, taken against the Islamization of the country. The Upper House of the Netherlands Parliament passed the bill for burqa ban on Tuesday, which has now been converted into a law. This has put restrictions on the use of burqa and niqab by the Islamic women. But the Netherlands government has claimed that this law is not against any religion.


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United Kingdom’s Prince William on Israel visit


Jerusalem: Prince William of the United Kingdom has reached Israel and met President, Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. This being the first visit by a member of the British Royal Family to Israel, attention of the global media is focused on this visit. The United Kingdom had avoided supporting the United States’ decision of moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Against this background, this visit by Prince Williams becomes important.

Prince William reached Jordan on Sunday for his Gulf visit. At that time, he met the Jordanian crown Prince ‘Al-Hussein Bin Abdullah’. After this, Prince William landed at the Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, the financial capital of Israel on Sunday. Prince William visited the famous museum in Tel Aviv on reaching Israel.

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