Exponent Group of Journals Launched

ll Hari Om ll
Exponent Group of Journals
I feel very happy and proud to inform you that on 28th November, 2012, on the very auspicious occasion of Kartik Pournima (birthday of Bapu as per the Hindu Calender), we have launched the inaugural issues of the E-Journals, covering various disciplines. You can read the E-Journals at the following URL: http://aanjaneyapublications.com/publications.facesThose who were fortunate to attend Bapu’s discourse on Ram Rajya on May 6, 2010, at Shree Harigurugram would have heard Bapu announcing the launching of Exponent Group of Journals, one of the projects, integral to Bapu’s vision of re-ushering in of Ram Rajya. Those of you who could not make it on that day, I’m sure, would have read the publication of Bapu’s pravachan on Ram Rajya.
The launching of the E-Journal is a quantum leap for us, in terms of bringing in technology to the Shraddhavaan friends of Bapu in a very user friendly format. However, let me tell you, this has not happened overnight. In the true implementation of Bapu’s teachings, we have taken small but sure steps in this direction, consolidating every step taken, before putting the next foot forward. At times, we had to alter the course, change directions, but all this has been part of putting the next step forward.
Our IT Team from Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation has indeed made us proud by daring to tread on uncharted territory and coming up with this unique offering. The following E-Journals will be uploaded:
1.   The Exponent Group of Journals for MBAs
2.   The Exponent Group of Journals for Professional Medicine
3.   The Exponent Group of Journals for Health & Health Services Information
4.   The Exponent Group of Journals for Chartered Accountants
5.   The Exponent Group of Journals for Shares & Stock Market
6.   The Exponent Group of Journals for General Engineering
7.   The Exponent Group of Journals for Information Technology
8.   The Exponent Group of Journals for Electronics
Those who are desirous of subscribing to any of more of these E-Journals can visit our website and subscribe to the journals by making payment through the payment gateway.
The E-Journals are available to anyone who desires to update their knowledge in the field of their choice. For instance, the E-Journal for Chartered Accountants will also cater to the information needs of non-CAs who, by virtue of their knowledge and experience, handle responsibilities normally reserved for a CA, and equally cater to aspiring CAs, pursuing the course.
I would appreciate it, if I could get feedback and suggestions, if any, so that we can constantly improve ourselves and do our bit in bringing Bapu’s vision to fruition. 
ll Hari Om ll