Dreaded happenings and effects of the war manifesting globally

War against India will destroy Pakistan and cripple China


If China and Pakistan go to war at the same time against India, Pakistan will be destroyed and China will be crippled, claimed retired Lieutenant General Jaswal of the Indian Army. Pakistan has been challenging the Indian army on the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu-Kashmir. Whereas, China has increased its military activity near the Indian border and there are reports of intrusion of the Chinese helicopters. Jaswal seems to have issued this warning against the said background.

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Trade war will push the world into recession, warns Deutsche Bank


Berlin: Germany’s ‘Deutsche Bank’ has warned that the aggressive policies adopted by US President Donald Trump will push the world in a deep abyss of recession. Before this, the World Trade Organisation and the International Monetory Fund have also expressed concern about global recession that could trigger due to the US President’s policies. The Deutsche Bank report enlists four factors that could be responsible for recession.

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Scope for Indo-US naval cooperation widens, an Indian representative to be deployed at US Naval base in Bahrain


New Delhi/Washington: The navies of India and United States share interest, emphasised the US Naval Chief John Richardson. Richardson made this statement during his meeting with the Indian Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba. One more report has been published in the meantime, stating that the cooperation between the Indian and the US navies has become stronger. The United States has its most important naval base at the Bahrain port in the Gulf. 

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China’s army guarding its border with India brought under the direct control of People’s Liberation Army


Beijing:  The term limits on the Presidency of Xi Jinping has been removed and he holds all the rights in China. A few days ago, Chinese analyst Hu Shisheng had expressed concerns that Jinping’s presidency can be a challenge for the Indo-Chinese relationship. The concern seems to be turning into a reality. The army deployed near the Indian border has now been brought under direct leadership of President Jinping. Previously, this army was under the control of the ‘People’s Armed Police’.

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Extremists and terrorists to be released from prison will attack Europe, warns Europol


Brussels: The intelligence agencies have warned that the extremists and the terrorists that have been released from the prisons in the European countries, can pose a danger to the European security. Hundreds of extremists and terrorists lodged in prisons in different countries like the UK, France, Belgium and Spain are about to be released in the near future and they can be instrumental in fresh terror attacks in Europe, warned the intelligence agencies. 

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Chinese aircraft carrier enters Taiwanese waters, Taiwan responds by dispatching fighter planes & warships

Taipei/Washington: China, that declared preparedness for a bloody battle with Taiwan has despatched its aircraft carrier in the Taiwanese marine region. This is claimed to be a warning for Taiwan and the United States supporting Taiwan. Taiwan has reacted to this, by sending its fighter jets and destroyers in the direction of the Chinese aircraft carrier. The United States has announced its support to the elected government in Taiwan.


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UK Foreign Secretary criticizes Football World Cup in Russia, compares it to Hitler’s Olympics


London: It is President Vladimir Putin’s attempt to spruce up the cruel and corrupt image of his government by organising the Football World Cup in Russia. Therefore, the Football World Cup to be organised in Russia can be compared to the 1936 Olympics conducted in Nazi Germany under Hitler’s rule, alleged British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. A vitriolic reaction is expected from Russia on the British Foreign Secretary’s statement.

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US to use ‘Laser’ technology to counter drones and missiles


Washington: The United States defence forces has started development of laser-based arms to counter the increasing use of drones and advanced missiles by the competing nations at the international level. In the last few years, the preliminary trials of these systems have been completed successfully by the private sector defence manufacturers and there are indications of the US defence forces initiating tests. A few months ago, the tests to use laser on drones has been completed successfully in the ‘Oklahoma’ sector and the laser system will be tested aboard ‘F-15’ fighter jets in the near future.

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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed justifies Yemen attacks during US visit


Washington: Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman justified the Yemen attacks asking questions like ‘If Mexican rebels carried out missile attacks on the United States’ capital of Washington, and cities of New York and Los Angeles, will the US keep quiet? Will the US citizens remain only as spectators?’ Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed had given an interview to a popular US news channel last week and that was published on Monday. In this interview, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed had accused Iran to be responsible for the Saudi attacks on Yemen. 

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Dispute between the US and Turkey over Manbij in Syria escalates


Washington: Senior US diplomats and military officials visited Manbij town in northern Syria. These officers have guaranteed continued deployment of the US army in Manbij. Turkey has demanded that the United States should not protect the Kurdish rebels who are based in Manbij town. Turkey had threatened that the Turkish army will certainly strike Manbij to finish the Kurdish rebels, who pose a threat to Turkish security. 

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Syria, Lebanon, West Bank, Gaza Strip shouldn’t test Israel’s Patience, warns Israel Military Intelligence chief

Jerusalem: Major General Herzl Halevi, Chief of Israeli Military Intelligence has issued a stern warning saying that, ‘The enemies in Syria, Lebanon, Gaza Strip and West Bank who are aware of the Israeli strength, should not test Israel’s patience. The enemy should think twice before making a decision of attacking Israel’.


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China successfully tests unmanned remote-controlled battle tanks


Beijing: China, taking aggressive steps in the fields of Hypersonic Missile development, Stealth technology and Space war has posed a new challenge in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the United States. Chinese army recently tested an unmanned tank. But as per the claims made by China in its mouthpiece, these tests will not end here and the tank will be equipped with Artificial Intelligence in the near future.

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John Bolton’s appointment as US National Security Advisor, is preparation for war, claims global media


Washington: United States President Donald Trump decided to appoint the current CIA Director Mike Pompeo as the Secretary of State. While this was being seen as a part of President Trump’s aggressive policies, he announced the appointment of John Bolton as the National Security Advisor. This has become a hot topic for discussion for media in the United States as well as in the foreign media, as this is looked upon as a direct preparation for war. It is claimed that the appointment of John Bolton, known for his radical views, indicates that neither North Korea, Iran nor Pakistan will be spared by the United States.

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Bolton’s appointment as US National Security Advisor, terrorises Pakistan


Washington: The US National Security Advisor, John Bolton had remarked on the Pakistani nuclear program a few days ago. Bolton wanted to make everyone aware that the Pakistani nuclear weapons could end up in the wrong hands. He had said that, this is the biggest danger and had blamed that Pakistan is controlled by extremists. The National Security Advisor also pointed out that the Pakistani intelligence services too, are under the control of the extremists. Bolton said that the success and failure of the United States campaign in Afghanistan depends entirely on Pakistan’s stance.

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India prepared to face any situation in Doklam : Indian Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman


New Delhi: Indian Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said, “India is prepared to face any situation in Doklam. India will protect its sovereignty at any cost.” Only a few hour ago, Indian Ambassador to China Gautam Bambawale had warned that if China tried to change the situation on the border, there can be a repeat of Doklam. One day before this, Indian Air Force Chief Dhanoa had claimed that Indian readiness and capacity along the eastern border is superior to China. 

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US to expel Russia Diplomats over poisoning of Russian Spy in the UK


Washington: There are indications of a new dispute being sparked between the United States and Russia on the issue of poisoning of the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal. The United States has taken an aggressive stance against Russia in support of the UK and has indicated expulsion of Russian officials from the US. According to sources from the United States, US President Donald Trump has already taken the decision and an announcement is expected soon. Before this, former US President Barak Obama had expelled 35 Russian officials on the issue of interference in the elections in 2016.

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‘Deep State’ controls US, believe majority of US citizens: Monmouth University survey


New Jersey: 63% of the United States population does not know about the ‘Deep State’. Only about 24% of the US citizens know a little about the ‘Deep State’ while 13% of the US citizens are well aware of it. Nevertheless, most of the US citizens feel that the national objectives and policies are decided by the ‘Deep State’ and not by the elected representatives. A powerful lobby which controls the elected government and works secretly for its own benefits is known as the ‘Deep State’. Although, most of the US citizens are unaware of this definition, 74% feel that ‘Deep State’ is active in the US.

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Russian fighter jets lurk over the East European border

Moscow: The Russian fighter jets have once again started lurking over the European border. The Ukrainian Air Force informed that the Russian fighter jets and bombers are lurking close to the border of the eastern European countries like Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria and the Black Sea. These new incidents are a proof that Russia is not bothered about the efforts made by the NATO and the European countries to contain it.


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China’s helicopters intrude into India airspace for 4 times in one month


Beijing: The Indian Air Force Chief, Ambassador to China and the Defence Minister have issued stern warnings to China in the last three days. The reason behind this has become clear now. Information has been revealed that the Chinese helicopters have intruded in the Indian airspace four times in the last one month. Along with this, China has issued an inciting warning that India, who raised the ‘Doklam’ issue should learn a lesson from this dispute and claimed that Doklam is an integral part of China.

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China should prepare to attack Taiwan, warns Global Times


Beijing: ‘It is a myth that the integration of Taiwan with China will be a peaceful process. Therefore, China should straightaway attack Taiwan’, is the advice by the Chinese government’s mouthpiece, the ‘Global Times’. The Chinese daily issued this open threat mentioning military action at a time when the senior officials of the United States Department of State just landed in Taiwan for a visit. Only Two days ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping had announced that China was prepared for a ‘Bloody Battle’ for Taiwan.

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US as well as 14 European countries expel Russian diplomats over Skripal poisoning to show solidarity with the UK


Washington/Brussels: The United States (US) has jumped into the political war, sparked between Russia and Britain over the issue of Sergei Skripal poisoning in Britain. The US announced expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats and spies on Monday. At the same time, 14 European nations also announced expulsion of Russian diplomats. Russia issued a blunt warning that there will be a ‘Tit for Tat’ reply given.

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Water from rivers flowing in to Pakistan will be diverted by building dams in Uttarakhand, says Indian Water Resources Minister Nitin Gadkari


New Delhi: Union Water Resources Minister Nitin Gadkari said that dams will be built to divert water from the rivers flowing to Pakistan from India to resolve the daunting problem of water shortage in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi. Three of these dams will be built in the state of Uttarakhand, said Gadkari. A meeting is scheduled to be held on the 29th of March regarding the ‘Indus Water Treaty’ signed between both the countries. This declaration by Gadkari before this meeting can cause panic in Pakistan. 

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Iran could drag Israel deep into Syrian war, warns Israel Military Intel Chief


Jerusalem: “The Iranian drone from Syria which intruded in the Israeli airspace last month was not for the security of Syrian Dictator ‘Bashar al-Assad’, but was a warning to Israel. Iran could drag Israel into the abyss of the Syrian war”, was the warning by the Israeli Intelligence Chief Lieutenant General Herzl Halevi. Halevi also claimed that the face of Middle East would have changed because of the Iranian ambition of dominating the region.

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‘Iran will destroy US and annihilate Israel in next 25 years’, says Iran chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards


Tehran: ‘Iran will destroy the United States and wipe out Israel from the world map in the next 25 years’, was the warning issued by the Chief of the Iranian ‘Revolutionary Guards Corps’ Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi. This warning issued by Mousavi, a close associate of the Iranian supreme religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei, has made the atmosphere in the Persian Gulf more inflammable.

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Combined army of Islamic countries should attack Israel at the same time, appeals Turkish state’s mouthpiece


Ankara: ‘Strength of the combined army of the member countries of ‘Organisation of Islamic cooperation’ (OIC) will be around 5.2 million and their ‘budget’ will be more than 175 billion. Therefore, all these Islamic countries should attack Israel from different directions at the same time,’ appealed the Turkish daily which is a mouthpiece of Turkish President Erdogan. The daily has argued that Israel will not be able to face this combined power of the Islamic nations.

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China’s Air Force drills in South China Sea & Western Pacific, are rehearsals for war, announces China Air Force


Beijing: The Chinese Air Force exercises in the ‘South China Sea’ and the ‘Western Pacific’, are nothing but a rehearsal for the forthcoming war,’ announced the Chinese Air Force. A United States warship was patrolling near an artificial island created by China. China has given indications to retaliate against it. It is clear that these exercises are a part of China’s retaliation. As per information given by the Chinese Air Force Spokesman ‘Shen Jinke’ on Sunday, there was a stress on air patrolling in ‘South China Sea’ and air-attack in the ‘Western Pacific’.

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Sweden prepares ‘Total Mobilisation Plan’ to face possible Russian aggression

Bern: The NATO and the United States are taking rapid steps to face a possible Russian aggression. At the same time, the non-NATO member countries also are making moves to strengthen its military strength and defence capabilities and Sweden has given indications of ‘Total Defence’ and ‘Total Mobilisation’ plans. Under this plan, every Swedish citizen and all the agencies will be prepared for a possible aggression along with increase in the capabilities of the defence forces.


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‘Orange Snow’ engulfs parts of Russia and 4 east European countries. Experts claim possibility of Chemical War


Moscow/London: Sensation has been created due to ‘Orange Snow’ in the Eastern European countries including Russia. Over the last few days, there has been an ‘Orange Snowfall’ over a part of Caucasus Mountains in Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine making some parts appear like planet Mars, informed the locals. The researchers have expressed a possibility of this being a part of a chemical war or its tests.

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US imposes $60 billion tariffs on Chinese imports


Washington: The trade war between the United States and China seems to be flaring up. A few days ago, the US President had announced heavy taxes on the Steel and Aluminium imported from China. The international financial institutions and analysts had warned that these taxes will trigger a trade war. Following this, the US President has decided to impose fresh tariffs of about $60 billion on the Chinese goods and an announcement is expected shortly. There are about 100 goods in this list including technology, telecom and consumer goods.

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Israeli air strikes on Syrian-Lebanon border, claims Lebanese media

Israeli-air-strikes War

Beirut: ‘Israeli fighter jets have declared a war against the Hezbollah terrorists. Many Hezbollah locations along the Syria-Lebanon border were targeted by Israeli fighter jets,’ claimed the Lebanese media. But neither Israel nor Hezbollah has given any reactions. Leading Lebanese news channel ‘Al Jadeed’ in its first report informed that Israeli fighter jets attacked the Lebanese city of ‘Baalbek’ near the Syrian border on Sunday. The locals claimed that the Israeli fighter jets were buzzing over the city and thereafter big explosions were heard from that area.

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