Dr. Nikola Tesla's Journey to Europe!

In the last article we have seen how Dr. Nikola Tesla developed his famous Tesla Coil and took great pains in improving his research to make it beneficial for mankind.

Dr. Nikola Tesla believed that it was 'Impulses' which achieved the transfer of electricity into the air. He also observed that, electrical energy was projected from the coil in form 'Rays' and not in form of waves due to these impulses. Dr. Tesla observed that these rays were absolutely longitudinal when traveling through space; he described them as 'light like rays' in one of his patent. This discovery shaped many future innovations of Dr. Tesla.


Dr. Nikola Tesla observed that Mother Nature too worked on the basis of impulses. Nature is flooded with impulses of all kinds. Consider stroke of lightning, the nervous activities of our brain, sudden occurrence of a thought or an idea, all natural energy movements occur as impulses. Dr. Tesla thought impulses were the almighty's way of communication with everything (animate or inanimate); he saw that the impulses are present in the entire the Universe that is, in nature as well as in spirituality and devotion.

Dr. Nikola Tesla firmly believed in freely sharing what he knew and interacted with people without the slightest of hesitation. He regularly used to announce his new inventions through various journals and press conferences. Thus, News of his experiments started flooding every technical trade journal. The name 'Tesla' was everywhere. People were thrilled with the futuristic projections and visions that tesla described and demonstrated.

On 30th July 1891, Dr. Nikola Tesla was granted official citizenship United States. On 6th June 1884 Dr. Tesla had arrived in New York with just 4 pennies in his pocket and now, 7 years later he became an official naturalized citizen of the USA. His name was slowly penetrating every corner of the scientific world. Dr. Tesla often used to tell his friends that he valued the US citizenship more than any other scientific honor that he had acquired till then.

In the very midst of all this Dr. Tesla received an invitation from Lord Kelvin (Lord William Thomson) to formally address the Royal Society, London.


Dr. Nikola Tesla prepared himself for the lectures, and carried every piece of equipment one can imagine for the live demonstration in front of the society members.

Dr. Nikola Tesla began the conference by displaying his preliminary work in Alternating Current system; he also demonstrated High Voltage and high frequency AC systems.

Dr. Nikola Tesla then demonstrated the wireless radiant electricity and openly discussed its principles in front of London Royal Society members. He also demonstrated Fluorescent lamps and tube lights lighting them wirelessly in his own hands while his tenor-like excited voice rang throughout the silent awestruck audience. These wonders held his audience spellbound.

He demonstrated wireless lamps, lit to full brilliance by radiant electricity. He also ran small motors at a distance of few feet working on wireless electricity. Those who had witnessed Dr. Tesla's entire demonstration were completely thrilled at his results.

When asked to describe the experimental process by English engineers, Dr. Nikola Tesla openly gave them very strict procedures and descriptive parameters, yet very few people actually were able to reproduce the effects that Dr. Tesla achieved.

Dr. Nikola Tesla spent a few months in Europe conducting similar lectures and demonstrating his alternating current system. He also visited many other scientists and discussed with them about their work. He always respected the works of other scientists and was keen to studying new phenomenon. This shows that Dr. Tesla had an open mind, he never considered work of other scientists secondary to his own, and he always respected them and their work.

To the European academics, the lecture series of Dr. Nikola Tesla was astonishing. It was a glimpse into the future, so clear that few could argue with Dr. Tesla about them.

One night, while he was in Paris, he received a telegram informing him that his mother was very ill. He abandoned his tour midway and immediately rushed to his mother who was on death bed by then. Rushing to her bedside, he managed a few hours of conversation. His mother though very ill was very happy to see him; she greeted him saying "You've arrived, Nidžo, my pride". He stayed by her side for long time

The coming night, Dr. Tesla could barely sleep, Dr. Tesla describes this in his own words as follows "During the entire night every fiber in my brain was strained in expectancy, but nothing happened until early in the morning, when I fell asleep, and saw a cloud carrying angelic figures of marvelous beauty, one of whom gazed upon me lovingly and gradually assumed the features of my mother."

Duka Tesla
Duka Tesla

 Dr. Tesla was abruptly awoken by this dream. He could hardly believe that he had seen his own mother ascending into bright clouds. Few minutes later he got the, news that His mother had passed away. On 1st June 1892, Duka Tesla had left this world forever.

Dr. Nikola Tesla was thrown in an ocean of sorrow, he had lost his father in 1879, when he was 23, and now within 13 years of this, he lost his mother too. The pain that Dr. Tesla experienced was unbearable.

Dr. Tesla was deeply hurt due to this incidence; he loved his mother a lot. He always referred to her as the only one who completely understood his abilities. She was the one who had encouraged him when he first remarked about his childhood visions. When siblings and friends ridiculed him, his mother was his firm and unshakable support.

He spent a torturous week in his native land for her funeral, he was depressed and this lead to sickness. Dr. Tesla had to spend two to three weeks recovering from this sickness.

Dr. Nikola Tesla had lost his biggest support, his beloved mother now there was only one support to which Dr. Tesla could look up to. It was the God, almighty and his mother, Mother Mary. Dr. Tesla had unshakable faith in his God and his God always gave him strength to face the most difficult situations in his life. His God had never forsaken him and always gave him courage to fight the world. With this strong support, and faith Dr. Tesla steadily recovered from the loss of his mother and returned back to New York where his laboratory and his work awaited him.

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