When a Devotee Called, Bapu Wiped Away his Sorrow!

- Asha Singare, Aurangabad Vehicle “Jethe Jato TetheTu Maza Sangati” (Wherever I go, you are my companion). Here is a narration of a personal experience that proves how true this devotional song is. Bapu accompanies every shraddhavans regardless of day or night. Even if the Shraddhavan loses his way, Bapu ensures that the Shraddhavan reaches the desired destination. This is an experience from December 2012. My husband had to travel to Nasik for my nephew’s ceremony on December 22nd. My village is called “Vakla” in Vaijapur. He was to take the passenger train from Nandgaon at 8 in the night. This train was to reach Nashik at around midnight. I then called my nephew and told him to pick my husband up from the station. My nephew reached the station on time. However, he did not see my husband at the station. He looked into 2-3 compartments but in vain. He then decided that he would check once again when the crowd dispersed. Once the train left, he at once called me to tell me that he did not see Anna anywhere. I was scared. In order to reach Nandgaon, he had to take a ride in a tanker through a ghat (a road through a mountain pass). I had heard that thieves stop cars there in the night and loot the passengers. I suspected that he might have encountered something like that. However, I trust Bapu completely. I got scared, I got up, lit a lamp in front of his picture and put up an agarbatti and invoked him. “Let my husband be safe wherever he is. Let him not meet with any accident anywhere. You are my only saviour.” I kept chanting his name the whole night. My husband did not have a phone with him. Since I was scared, I said to Bapu that until I receive a phone call, I will stay put in front of your picture. I sat there like that all through the whole night. In the morning around 6 am, my nephew called and said that Anna had just reached. He was on the road all through the night but in the morning Bapu ensured that he reached the place safe and secure. Bapu listened to a devotee like me who lives far away from Mumbai in a tiny village. He protected my husband. I bow in front of Bapu’s lotus feet.