Deception Point by Dan Brown


After reading Digital Fortress authored by Dan Brown I could not hold myself from picking up Deception Point, yet another masterpiece by Dan Brown. As usual the narrative of the book was in his typical inimitable style - very lucid and clear. What makes Dan Brown a class apart is his unwavering focus on being clear and precise.  These are the very principles which Bapu has time and again emphasized upon for making our lives meaningful and successful.



I read the Marathi translation of the book which was wonderfully done by Ashok Padhye. It’s great to see Mehta Publishing House making these quality novels available to Marathi readers.

Deception Point starts from an ultra-secretive technical intelligence agency and the highest political echelons of the world’s most powerful country. It is from here that it transports the readers to the harsh and inhibited ice-shelves of the Arctic Circle, and back again to the political and media hallways of power of the country’s capital. Most of the technologies and weapons systems described in this novel by Mr. Dan Brown are totally unheard-of and seemingly extremely futuristic. It is important to note that Mr. Brown has confirmed their existence and regular usage by armed forces, but that it is highly classified. The various cases and examples of usage of these technologies underline the extreme importance and need of most of the militaries, the world over to possess advancements, to win the new-age battles against extremely hostile and brutal enemies and terrains. This is the exact point that justifies and aligns the recent purchases of advanced warfare systems by India, which is geographically, politically and militaristically placed in a volatile and precarious region and situation.

As the name suggests, Deception Point is the story about a deception, which is the most effective weapon of this era. This novel is story of treachery and a bunch of lies that are weaved together and controlled by a mysterious power-broker  an intelligence tsar who doesn't stop at hiding anything, but the truth. The deception is made to feel so true and real. The deception not just fools all, but has the potential to change the course of the impending presidential elections, which ultimately would have a huge bearing on the space policy of not just that nation but of all the nations across the globe. But finally, the truth prevails.

The novel certainly showcases that pure truth, love and joy are the only three most basic and most important principles of this the mankind; and anything beyond it is just ephemeral.

I sincerely feel and recommend that every socially aware and responsible reader should read this book.

Hari Om

Shri Ram

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