Has the Cyber War started?

Germany approves cyber security policy ; ‘Special Squads’ for protection against cyber-attacks.


Berlin : While the German Chancellor Angela Merkel  was giving indications about cyber attacks from  Russia, the German Council of Ministers has given approval  for a new cyber security policy. As a reply to the cyber attacks in the country, the new policy has also approved setting up ‘special squads‘. Within a week Germany is the second nation in Europe who has declared an independent cyber-security policy. Only last week Britain  had declared  a cyber-security policy worth more than  2 billion dollars.
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Russian hackers may target German elections – Chancellor Angela Merkel


Berlin : It has been alleged that Russia has been launching  cyber attacks during the campaigning of US Presidential elections. It was also feared that Russia might launch cyber attacks during elections on Tuesday.  Now that  the results in US are becoming clear, it is believed that  the elections in Germany are now a target of Russia’s cyber attacks. This fear has been openly expressed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a function in Berlin.

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US ready with cyber weapons for cyber attacks on Russia

Washington/Moscow: While it was being feared that Russia might carry out cyber attacks in the midst of the voting for the Presidential elections in the US, a sensational news has surfaced that the US was ready with cyber weapons to counter the Russian attacks.


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