Crisis-plagued Europe

After London Bridge attack Britain in process of combative measures

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London: ”Until now Britain has shown too much of tolerance towards the Islam terrorism. But the time has come to say that, it is enough!” in such words Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May had expressed her resentment over the terrorist attack in London. Thereafter Britain’s leaders and authorities as well demanded aggressive measures against terrorism and extremist. This includes decision such as a ban on burka and cancellation of citizenship of people related to terrorism.

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UK will change human rights laws if they come in the way of tough action against terrorists : Prime Minister of UK

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London : The UK which has tolerated three major terror attacks within a span of three months, will henceforth take tough actions against terrorism, announced Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the UK. If the human rights laws come in the way of these actions, then the actions will be carried out after altering the laws, said Prime Minister May. It has come to the fore that the accused in the terror attacks at London Bridge, Manchester and the attack on the UK Parliament, were British nationals.

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Sex Crimes by refugees double up in Germany; Court’s leniency responsible: blames a Think Tank


Instances of sex crimes by refugees having doubled in Germany in 2016 come as a shocking revelation. In the year 2015, crimes of this nature committed by migrants were 1,683. But in 2016 its ratio has increased to 3,404. The crimes include not only outraging a woman’s modesty but also terrible crimes like rape. A criticism from ‘Gatestone‘ publishers of the present report, states that the cause of the increasing crimes lies with the German legal system which has taken a soft approach towards the migrants.

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The European Union confesses that the influx of immigrants into Europe is illegal

Brussels: The European Union (EU) admits that the immigration from African continent into European countries is mostly that of illegal immigrants and not of “true refugees’. EU Council chief Donald Tusk and other senior officials via a letter and a press conference informed that the immigration from Africa to Europe does not consist of refugees, but mainly of people seeking jobs and employment. Since past few months, EU has tried various options to prevent influx of immigrants. The statements issued seems to be a part of the same effort. 


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New tensions between the European Union and China on the issue of steel imports


Brussels/Beijing: The decision to impose a tax on the import of Chinese steel by the European Union has sparked a new dispute. China has expressed strong displeasure over the issue and has questioned the validity of the decision. This is indicating the widening gap between China and the EU countries over trade issues. Last week, it had come to the fore during the ‘EU-China Summit’ that there are serious differences between EU countries and China over trade issues.

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“Satanic claims” made by the controversial group are being probed by the Vatican


London: A sensational claim by a controversial sect, which is already accused of devil worship in Brazil, is being probed by the Vatican. The head of this sect, who died in the year 1995 is trying for the death of Pope Francis, thus was claimed by the followers of ‘Heralds of Gospel’ centered in Brazil. Regarding this, a video was published on the internet. Taking a serious notice of this the Vatican has taken the decision of the probe.

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German Intelligence agencies spied on the ‘US’, reports a German daily


Berlin: A shocking information has come to light that for several years now, the German Intelligence agencies have been spying on the White House, the residence of the US Presidents, along with other important agencies in the US. This information has been revealed by the German daily newspaper ‘Der Spiegel’. In the year 2013, the news that the ‘NSA’ in the US had been spying on countries in Europe as well as many other countries, leaked out. There were fierce reactions to this from Germany and other European countries too. 

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