Crises closing on Iran

Khamenei rule in Iran soon to collapse, claims US President’s attorney


Washington: The days of Iranian government are numbered, and it will collapse soon, claimed Rudy Giuliani, attorney to President, Donald Trump. Giuliani expressed confidence that there will be a change of guard in Iran and an elected democratic government will come to power referring to the ongoing protests. At the same time, the Israeli newspapers have claimed that there is a difference of opinion within the Trump administration about whether the current Iranian government should be pressurized into negotiations or be overthrown.

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The possibility that the Israel-Iran conflict will intensify in Syria, concerns Russia


Moscow: Russian Vice President, Mikhail Bogdanov has expressed concerns that the conflict between Israel and Iran will intensify on the Syrian soil in near future. He also claimed that the Israeli attacks on certain locations in Syria will be responsible for the situation getting out of hand. Bogdanov came out in support of Iran saying that the Iranian military presence in Syria is negligible. The Syrian conflict has intensified since the last few months and it was evident that the Iranian participation in the conflict was on the rise.

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6 Iranians arrested, including an Iranian diplomat from Germany and France for plotting to bomb ‘Free Iran Rally’ in Paris


Brussels/Paris: The French, German and Belgian intelligence agencies have foiled the plot to bomb the ‘Free Iran Rally’ to be organised in France, to protest against the supreme Iranian leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. Six people, including an Iranian diplomatic official have been detained for planning the attack on this rally in Paris. Representatives from the United States, and the European and Arab allies had participated in this rally. 

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Strong protests against Iranian government, distraught people take to streets due to shortage of water

Tehran: There is a new challenge faced by the Iranian government after the protests by the traders and merchants jaded due to the sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran. The citizens in Muhamrah and Khorramshahr, angered by the water shortage and polluted water supply, have started protests. 4 people have been killed and 20 injured in the action taken by the security agencies on these protestors. But the Iranian agencies have claimed that there have been no deaths in their action.


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Israeli conspiracy behind Iran’s water shortage, alleges senior Iranian official


Tehran: Iran has blamed Israel for the protests against the Khamenei government raised in various Iranian cities, regarding the shortage and polluted supply of water. Israel is responsible for the water shortage and draught in Iran. A senior Iranian official claimed that all the rain clouds over Iran have been destroyed due to the climate change made by Israel. General Gholam Reza Jalali, head of Iranian Civil Defence Organisation, while talking to Iranian news agency, claimed that there is a foreign hand behind the draught in Iran.

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European countries should stop business with Iran or be ready to face President Trump’s fury, says US Senator Newt Gingrich


Paris: ‘The allies of the United States in Europe should immediately stop business ties with Iran and help the United States to overthrow the murderous Iranian regime. Or else, the European countries should be prepared to face the wrath of President Trump,’ warned Newt Gingrich, US senior Senator and supporter of President Trump. Gingrich delivered this message to the European countries, while speaking at the Free Iran Rally held in Paris.

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Obama gave US citizenship to thousands of Iranians including Rouhani kin during nuclear deal negotiation


Washington/Tehran: While the international community is frantically trying to save the Iran nuclear deal scrapped by US President Donald Trump, there are many shocking revelations about the events during the nuclear deal negotiations. It has been exposed that the then US President, Barack Obama granted US citizenship to about 2,500 Iranians during the period, when the deal was being negotiated. Senior Iranian leader, Hojjat Al-Islam Mojtaba Zolnour revealed this during an interview.

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Iran’s population chants ‘Death to Palestine’ slogans at economic protests


Tehran: The protests raging in the capital city of Tehran, against the economic policies declared by the Iranian government have intensified. Objecting to the support offered by Iran to the terrorist organisations in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and the Gaza Strip, the angry protestors chanted slogans of ‘Death to Palestine’. The protestors also expressed their discontent with slogans like ‘we don’t want the Ayatollahs’ and ‘Death to the Dictator’.

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Iranian civilians have taken to roads against the government due to the US sanctions, claims Israeli Prime Minister

Tel Aviv: ‘Iran wants Democracy and not Dictatorship’, ‘We don’t want Ayatollah rule in Iran’ are the slogans still heard on the streets of Tehran. There is no effect on the protesters, despite orders for stern action against them, issued by the supreme religious preacher and leader, Ayatollah Khomeini. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has welcomed these protests challenging the Iranian government. At the same time, Netanyahu said that the effects of the US sanctions imposed on Iran are visible through these protests against the Iranian government.


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US to deploy the Gravity Nuclear Bomb in Turkey

Gravity-nuclear-bomb-turkeyMoscow: The United States who created a sensation by testing the B61-12 Gravity Nuclear Bomb last month, is preparing to deploy this bomb in Turkey. The leading news agency in Russia has published a report regarding this. The Russian military analysts have criticised it and have said that the United States is acting irresponsibly, while the US military officials have avoided to comment on the issue. The US Airforce and the Energy department claimed that this Gravity Nuclear Bomb is more destructive than the nuclear bomb and has more horrific aftereffects.

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Saudi Arabia will increase its oil production by 2 million barrels to reduce oil prices, claims President Trump

Crude-oil-productionWashington/Riyadh: President Trump made a sensational claim that the Saudi Arabian ‘King Salman’ has expressed willingness to increase the crude oil production by 2 million barrels. Although, Saudi has accepted the report about a discussion between the US President and King Salman, it has refused to comment on the matter of any such firm commitment given by the Saudi King. The price of crude oil has been showing an increasing trend over the last few days.

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