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Coup in Myanmar by military junta

Post-coup, US slaps sanctions against Myanmar military junta

Washington: – The United States announced sanctions against the Myanmar military, who revolted to overthrow the elected government. As per the sanctions, Myanmar military will not utilise nearly $1 billion deposited in the United States. Sanctions have also been imposed against the military officials behind the revolt, along with their families. 

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Myanmar sees widespread protests against the coup by military junta

Naypyidaw: – The agitation against the Myanmar military is becoming more intense and extensive by the day. The army and the security agencies have made preparations to crush the agitation, and warning has been issued of stern action against any protestor violating the law.

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China defends the rebel Myanmar army, US Biden Administration takes passive stance

Washington/Tokyo – Myanmar military who illegally acquired power in the country, overthrowing the elected government, is facing worldwide criticism. But China has made preparations to protect the Myanmar military. China clarified in the UN Security Council that it will oppose any strict action against the Myanmar military. 

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Revolt in Myanmar will increase Chinese influence in the region, Japanese Defence Minister warns

Tokyo/Beijing/Washington: – Japanese Defence Minister, Yasuhide Nakayama warned that if the international community does not give timely reactions to the revolt in Myanmar, the democratic country will join the Chinese ranks. This will increase the Chinese influence in the Southeast Asian region. 

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Emergency clamped in Myanmar after military seizes power; Democratic leader Syu Ki arrested alongside President and lawmakers

Nay Pyi Taw: – The Myanmar military has once again assumed power through a rebellion. The sensation was created only 24 hours ago with this military action, that assured to respect democracy. The Myanmar military arrested the main pro-democracy leader and President of the National League for Democracy, Aung San Syu Ki and declared an emergency.

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