Cosmic Rays and Solar Energy – Dr. Nikola Tesla

We must have received messages stating the harmful nature of Cosmic Rays and that we need to switch off our mobiles at night, today we are going to see what exactly these cosmic rays are and the work Dr. Nikola Tesla did in this field.  

Dr. Nikola Tesla wrote in New York American (newspaper) that he had “harnessed the rays of the sun and would compel them to operate machinery that would give light and heat”. Dr. Tesla said that he was so confident about this invention that possibility of its failure was almost 0%.

Dr. Nikola Tesla described a simple setup that constantly focused Sun's rays into a gas boiler filled with water, which eventually produced high pressure steam that drove the turbine and the turbine would in turn generate electricity. The steam would then be cooled and returned to the boiler as water. Thus this would be a closed loop process generating and storing electricity in a continuous manner. Dr. Tesla even had made his own additions to this process. Dr. Tesla treated the water in the boiler with certain chemicals that he himself had developed. This resulted in the generation of steady steam pressure that would keep the entire experiment running smoothly and perpetually.

Dr. Nikola Tesla also designed and invented some very unique machines and concepts which were way ahead of time, e.g. generating electricity with help of temperature differences between earth's deep layer or depths of sea to that of the earth's surface, a boat propelled by temperature differences of sea water, structuring and subsequent modifications of tidal power plants, etc. Dr. Nikola Tesla said that these power plants would generate electricity, which could be stored and transmitted wirelessly through cables not only to the factories but also to the homes as well. The power stations could be located across the globe and would generate as well as store sufficient electricity to meet all the demands during all the times of the year, and with proper interconnectivity between them. With this the entire world would get unlimited supply of electrical energy for all the times.

After years of experimentations Dr. Nikola Tesla discovered that the sun emits peculiar radiations (small particles) of great energy apart from the sunlight at all times. This energy / radiations reach us even during night. Dr. Tesla he called this phenomenon ‘cosmic rays.

tesla electric car
Dr Tesla in his electric car


On July 10, 1932 Dr. Nikola Tesla revealed his invention in Brooklyn Eagle newspaper. He said, "I have harnessed the cosmic rays and caused them to operate a motive device. Cosmic ray investigation is a subject that is very close to me. I was the first to discover these rays and I naturally feel toward them as I would toward my own flesh and blood”. Dr. Tesla further said that the most peculiar feature of cosmic rays is that they are constantly received on the earth at all times. They shower down on us twenty four hours of the day and if a power plant is developed to use these rays and produce electricity, we may not even require the devices for storing energy as is the necessity with devices using wind, tide or sunlight as energy. More than twenty-five years ago I began my efforts to harness the cosmic rays and I can now state that I have succeeded in operating a motive device by their means. I have hopes of building my motor on a large scale but circumstances have not been favorable to carry out my plan.

"This new power for the driving of the world's machinery will be derived from the energy which operates the Universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source for the earth is the sun and which is everywhere present in unlimited quantities”. This is one of the most important statements of Dr. Nikola Tesla regarding cosmic energy. Dr. Tesla patented this technology by the name of "Apparatus for the utilization of radiant energy", but however, as with all the other patents of Dr. Tesla, this patent was also suppressed and further details were never made public.

Dr. Nikola Tesla explained that the amount of Sun rays falling on earth's surface represents a part of an energy source so enormous that only a small portion of it could meet all our demands if properly utilized. To get an idea of how advanced Dr. Tesla’s research in the field of utilizing cosmic energy was, one must read one of these popular stories of Dr. Tesla’s life.

Electric cars were considered in the early days of automobile development but due to rising prices of fuels and increasing pollution were somehow not considered viable. Further due to large size of their batteries, frequent recharging and limiting of the horse power they were almost completely discarded in those days. But initially under the financing of George Westinghouse, a car company had decided to modify the gasoline engine car with an electric engine. Under this experiment in place of gasoline engine, a high power AC electric engine was assembled but it was having the problem of not getting powered up. For this purpose Dr. Nikola Tesla’s assistance was sought. Dr. Tesla arrived from New York City to inspect this car. After the inspection, Dr. Tesla went to a local radio (hardware and electric) shop and purchased a handful of some electric components and a box to assemble them. He assembled a circuit within a portable box right there on the car testing ground. He then placed the box on the front seat of the car and had its wires connected to the AC Engine. Getting into the driver's seat Dr. Tesla said, "We now have power". He put the car into gear and finally it moved forward. It was said that this vehicle was driven at a speed of 90 mph. i.e. almost 145 kmph and it performed better than any of the gasoline (petrol / diesel) engine cars of its day. The company spent one week testing this vehicle. Under utter confusion the company officials enquired with Dr. Nikola Tesla about the power source of the car? To this Dr. Tesla replied, "From the Ethers all around us."

However, due to the monopoly of some global elites controlling the markets and industry, this technology of Dr. Nikola Tesla was not allowed to see the light of the day. The guise under which this technology was suppressed was that ‘the supposed impact that the technology would have on all major industries from automobile to power generation would result in large scale unemployment’. Unfortunately this was accepted into mainstream without any further probing or analysis. However, there are few companies trying to achieve this goal of building electric vehicles even today.

In the last three to four decades of his life Dr. Nikola Tesla was fascinated by the concept of Free Energy (never ending supply of energy) and radiant energy concepts and worked relentlessly towards achieving them. This was because Dr. Nikola Tesla was fully aware of the harmful effects of the fossil fuels and the cost that humanity might have to pay by their increasingly vast usage. Dr. Tesla always proposed and promoted alternative sources of energy generation and storage. Moreover, Dr. Tesla actually used to call the fossil fuel energy sources as "non-conventional". It was his belief that the conventional energy sources are the ones that nature has freely and readily given to us in unlimited quantities for e.g. sunlight, wind, tides, and cosmic energy (Cosmo rays).

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