Corona is China's 'plandemic'; France suspends military ties with Central African Republic

Corona is China's 'plandemic'


The Weekend Australian newspaper has revealed another Chinese deceit. It has reported that Zhou Yusen, a Chinese army scientist who was funded by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), had filed a patent for Covid-19 vaccine just 6 weeks after Corona outbreak was reported in China. In February 2020, when Yusen filed the patent not many would have even heard about a disease called Covid. Experts say the period of 6 weeks is too short for developing any vaccine, which proves beyond doubt that China was preparing to launch and encash the Coronavirus pandemic much before.

Besides, Zhou Yusen died in May 2020, which gives further rise to suspicion. China, of course, did not bother to report his death or pay tribute to him despite the fact that Yusen was a renowned scientist. Apart from all this, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) that funded Yusen is headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci. There have already been wide allegations against him that he knew Covid possibly leaked from Wuhan lab but preferred to cover-up.

A few weeks before this, Reuters had exposed links between China's BGI Group and Chinese army. BGI or Beijing Genomics Institute is the world’s largest genomics company and has sold millions of Covid test kits worldwide since the launch of the pandemic. Senior US security officials have warned US labs against using Chinese kits because of the concern that China is collecting global genomic data. Experts consider this human data valuable in developing bioweapons.

Summing it up, Corona certainly appears to be a "plandemic" by China to decimate all nations across the world.

France suspends military ties with Central African Republic


France has suspended military ties and freezed monetary aid worth $12.1 million to the Central African Republic (CAR). France is upset at CAR's failure to stop anti-French disinformation campaigns in its land. In this regard, it is noteworthy that Facebook had taken down hundreds of accounts and groups linked to Russia as well as France. They were accused of using fake Facebook and Instagram accounts to wage a covert disinformation campaign during the 2020 national elections.

Russia is increasing military cooperation with CAR. It has sent hundreds of military instructors to train and arm CAR's troops to fight the rebel forces. France is not happy with growing Russian influence in its former colony.

Curiously, CAR has significant deposits of uranium, crude oil, gold, diamonds, cobalt, etc. It is also rich in lumber, water and arable land. Thus the tussle for influence among European powers is stretching from Europe to resource-rich Africa.