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Conflict between Saudi and Houthis-Iran

The stand of Biden administration responsible for the attacks on Saudi Arabian fuel projects, claims US Senator

Washington: – Senior US Senator, Bill Hagerty, claimed, ‘The attacks on the United States and its allies have increased ever since US President Joe Biden gave indications to relax the sanctions against Iran. Iran is apparently responsible for the attacks on Saudi Arabian fuel projects.’ 

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Saudi launches airstrikes in Yemen following drone attacks by Houthi rebels

Riyadh/Sana: The Houthi rebels who carried out attacks with ballistic missiles, rockets and drones had to face airstrikes from Saudi on Sunday night. At the same time, Saudi has accused that the Houthi rebels have crossed the limit by attacking civilians in Saudi. 

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Senior Saudi Arabian officials blame Iran for attack on Aramco oil facility

Washington: – The Advisor to the Saudi Royal family claimed, ‘Missile and drone attacks were carried out on the fuel project in far eastern Saudi Arabia. The evidence regarding this is pointing to Iran as the perpetrator of the attacks.’ He made this accusation during an interview with a US newspaper.

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90 killed in a clash between Yemeni forces and Houthi rebels

Sana: – 90 people were killed in an encounter between the government-affiliated military and the Houthi rebels. This conflict was for claiming the Marib province of Yemen. It is being said that the conflict has resulted in the displacement of thousands of locals. 

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Houthis launch drone attacks on Saudi airbases; Saudi claims destroying 8 drones

Aden/Riyadh: The Houthi rebels, who have become aggressive since the last few days, carried out drone attacks on two Saudi Arabian airbases. The Houthi rebels have revealed this information. In contrast, Saudi Arabia accused that the Iran-backed Houthi rebels are consciously targeting civilians.

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