He comes right away!

He comes right away!

- Anilsinh Thakur, Borivali

Bapu takes care of his children a thousand times more than their parents take care of them. All we need to do is to love him. We should keep faith in him. Then he is ready to do anything for us.

Sadguru Aniruddha - Paduka Poojan

By the grace of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu, my daughter, Apurva, got admission in a medical college. She is now pursuing Physiotherapy in Pune, Nigadi.   

While sending my daughter to Pune, I said to Bapu in front of his photo, “Bapuraya, we can’t stay in Pune to take care of our daughter. Hence, it is you who has to take care of her now.”

After receiving the admission, we went to Parampujya Suchit Dada to take His blessings. There, he said, “Don’t let your daughter stay in the hostel if possible.” Along with that, Dada asked my daughter to chant Datta Bavani regularly. We left for Pune with the question in our mind - if she cannot stay in the hostel, there where will she stay? But Bapu always takes care of his children. By Bapu’s grace, my daughter got a place to reside just about ten-minutes walk from college!

Since the time we have started following Bapu, we receive such experiences frequently. I would like to narrate an incident I experienced on 8th December 2012. My wife, Amrutaveera, and I were performing Sadguru’s Paduka Pujan at home. Even if Bapu was present at our home in the form of his Padukas, he was also protecting my daughter in Pune. As soon as the Paduka Pujan got over, I received a call from my daughter.

When she described the whole incident, we felt like we were experiencing the unconditional love of Our Sadguru and nothing else. It so happened that like every other day, my daughter started for her college. One of her friends who resides in Pune was going on a scooter to college. She met my daughter on her way and offered her a ride. My daughter rode pillion on the scooter. As they proceeded further on the road, they came across a chowk.

A car entered the chowk and dashed fiercely on their scooter and without stopping, left the scene.

For a moment, my daughter did not realize what was happening. After some time, when she gained her consciousness, she saw that a crowd of people had gathered around them. The scooter had fallen on her friend’s leg and she was crying profoundly. Then, my daughter looked at herself. She realized that she wasn’t lying on the road, she was on her feet, unhurt. At the same time, she saw that there was no stain of any soil on the road on her body or clothes. She had no scratches nor had any internal pain!

She started thinking of Bapu. There was such a vast difference in the state of both the girls! She now knew with certainty that her Sadguru Bapu had only saved her.

Since my daughter has done the ‘Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management’ Course (AADM), she understood the need of the hour and stepped forward to help. She lifted the scooter off her friend’s leg and called her father. Her friend’s parents soon reached the place where the accident had taken place. They had got their vehicle along. They admitted her in a hospital. Her leg had got fractured. But it was like my daughter had been held up in the air by our Sadguru and then delicately kept her on her feet on the ground. Bapu takes care of his children a thousand times more than their parents must be caring for them. All we need to do is love him. We should have faith in him. Then he is ready to do anything for us. This accident happened so suddenly that my daughter had no time to reach out for Bapu, but,

Bapu Mauli, my Bapu Mauli,

You arrive instantly even if we fail to call you.

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