Clashes erupt between Pak Army and Sindh Police

Pakistan Army and Sindh Police in confrontation

Karachi: – Police and lawyers, from the Sindh province, have rebelled against the Pakistan Army, known as the ‘Deep State’ of the country. After it was exposed that the Pakistan Army abducted the police chief of the Sindh province, to effect an arrest of the leaders of the Muslim League, the police from the Sindh province have revolted against the Army. 


Maryam Nawaz challenges Prime Minister Imran Khan and Pak Army

Karachi: – The foundations of the Prime Minister, Imran Khan and military have been rocked, given the protests launched jointly, by the opposition parties. Maryam Nawaz, the leader of the protests, attacked Prime Minister Imran and the Pakistan military and posed a challenge saying ‘Arrest me if you have the courage’. 

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Pakistan retained in FATF Grey List

Paris: Problems have increased for Pakistan, who has failed to fulfil the other important criteria set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). FATF announced that Pakistan would be retained in the Grey List, accusing it of lack of policy decisions and inability to perform relevant actions. 

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