USA - Vulnerable position post-Cold War!

After the fall and disintegration of the USSR, world had infact become unipolar with United States influencing and at times dominating many nations of the world on their foreign, defence and economic policies. But this influence of the USA is waning of late and the all-powerful USA is facing not only challenges but is also losing few of its trusted friends.  

Russia has been the old-foe of the United States. But after the fall of USSR, isolated Russia was forced to go on back-foot and faced heavy financial crisis. But since year 2000, under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, Russia has been on steady path to get back its lost glory. Recently it has gained so much strength that NATO commanders feel threatened and out-powered by Russia’s defence might and diplomatic tactics in Europe.putin

China, a foxy foe of the USA that it ignored during the ‘Cold War’ with Russia has taken big strides on economic, military and scientific fronts. Today it challenges satellite supremacy, IT infrastructure, maritime interests and overall economic interests of the USA. China with its stockpile of $1.2 trillion USA-debt could hold USA dear. Together, Russia and China are aiming at beleaguering the USA. Add to this rogue North Korea, which has been on testing spree of its missiles, nukes and claimed Hydrogen Bomb, the combination becomes more dangerous for the USA. Iran is also not very far from this alliance.

Taliban and Al Qaeda once ruled Afghanistan and still hold sway over large parts of it. General cadres of these two organisations have been alienated by the USA after its offensive in Afghanistan post 9/11.

Pakistan, still a USA-dependent country, was fostered by the USA during the insurgency in Afghanistan during the 1980s. But with Pakistan consistently engaging in terrorist activities and links of almost all terrorist incidences leading from or to Pakistan, the United States has steadily gone-away from this rogue state. Recently USA had rightly choked funds and military-aid to Pakistan and has also given no response on Kashmir issue to Pakistan's blatant lies. Most importantly USA’s favour for rising-India is further souring its relationship with Pakistan. Terror engagements of Pakistan and steady rise of India are sure to keep USA-Pakistan relationship deteriorating further.

ottoman_iraqJapan, has been another friend of the USA which has recently had some disturbances with it. The two rapes and murders of local Japanese by USA soldiers stationed in Okinawa naval base have made thousands to take to streets to demand for USA military’s ouster from Japan.

Iraq, which after the fall of USA-enemy Saddam Hussein went in the hands of the USA, is facing ethnic strife and has practically disintegrated into three different regions. Moreover the USA’s oil-policy in Iraq has made sparks fly between it and the government in Baghdad. To add to troubles of the USA, Iraq has recently made advances towards Iran and Russia which are known USA-adversaries.

Israel and Saudi Arabia, one of the staunchest USA allies also have lately had differences with it. After the USA loosened sanctions on Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia – also the staunchest enemies of Iran have felt left-out by the USA. The recent trial in USA holding Saudi-nationals responsible for plotting 9/11 attacks and open meetings between high-ranking Israeli and Saudi officials are some of the examples that underline USA's uneasy relationships with these two Middle Eastern nations. 

Turkey had been a loyal NATO member-state. Its relations with Russia had soured in the recent past owing to its downing of a Russian fighter-jet. But Turkey has been forced to mend ways and offer a hand of friendship to Russia after an attempted military coup to oust President Recep Erdogan. Though the coup failed, Turkey has blamed USA for it for providing exile to mastermind of the coup, Fethullah Gulen. Further in the follow-up to the coup that soured USA-Turkey relations, was the police-siege by Turkey of NATO airbase at Incirlik by Turkey that housed USA’s nukes and officials. Moreover Turkey's disagreements with the EU over its membership have only made matters worse for NATO and thereby the USA.

Kurds fighting for an autonomous or independent Kurdistan have been the largest group of foot soldiers supported by the USA in Syria and Iraq as well. But USA-support to their arch-rival Turkey, in its offensive inside Syria to target the Kurds and the USA asking for Kurdish withdrawal from some towns of Syria in favour of Turkey has threatened to alienate this ally of the USA as well.

EU, a 28-nation bloc has been like a backyard of the USA. But exit of United Kingdom from EU (Brexit) and recent failure of Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) free-trade agreement has strained this relationship of USA too. The recent slap of $14.5 billion fine on USA technology-giant Apple by EU and reciprocal action by USA against Deutsche Bank seems to be fallout of this bitterness.

The 6 GCC countries which traditionally have been towing the policy influenced by the USA have been feeling the heat of their relationship with it. The fall in crude oil prices allegedly created by the USA to destroy economies of Russia, Iran and Venezuela has hit the 6 GCC nations of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman so badly that for the first time Saudi was forced to levy tax on its citizens and announced pay-cuts for its public sector employees.

With the problem of drug cartels, illegal immigration, border fencing and Chinese investments in Mexico, USA's relations with this Latin neighbour have not been smooth either. 

At the recently concluded G20 Summit, USA's relations with one more of its ally soured. When USA expressed concerns over the number of deaths in Philippines in its 'War on Drugs', the Philippine President publicly abused USA President Barack Obama. Going further Philippine President Duterte has asked the USA to withdraw its forces from Philippines. He has also indicated at finding options in China and Russia for buying arms instead of the United States and has even ordered stoppage of joint naval patrols with the USA that too in the disputed region of South China Sea.

The carrot-n-stick policy of the USA has also been having regular ups and downs in its relationships with other friends like Germany, UK, Greece, Egypt, Brazil, etc.

The United States of America, a democratic nation, has one of the most complicated Foreign Policy which has been recently eroding it of its trusted allies. If this continues along with the internal issues like increasing debt and bankruptcy, higher wages, widening racial rift, trade deficit, drugs, gun-control issues, etc. then the United States of America is heading for some real hard-time in the near future. For the overall global stability it is essential that the United States irons out its differences with all its friends and allies. Apart from this the USA-Russia relationship assumes very high importance as it has potential to make world a safer and a peaceful place. And it is here that India with its balanced foreign policy could play the role of a bridge that could connect the United States and Russia together.